Overview & Highlights

This group holiday travels overland across Cuba from tip to toe, in some places staying in family homes. Enjoy Havana, Trinidad and Santiago, the mountains of the Sierra Maestra, and Caribbean beaches.

  • Baracoa: Yumari river
  • Santiago: Moncada Barracks
  • Bayamo: walking tour
  • Sierra Maestra: visit to Fidel's hideout
  • Sugar mills on route to Trinidad
  • Trinidad: walking tour
  • Santa Clara: Che's mausoleum
  • Viñales: walks in the Viñales valley
  • Havana: walking tour

Away from the all-inclusive resorts Cuba will capture your imagination and your heart. It is over 50 years since Castro's Revolution managed to both transform and petrify the island's society and economy. This holiday takes you to the authentic heart of the country - Cuba’s unique Latin American beat sets it apart from all the other islands of the Caribbean.

Crumbling colonial towns are characterised by dilapidated splendour, evocative of past elegance. The dusty alleys teem with barefoot boys playing baseball with bottle caps and rhythms pulsing out of every doorway. Vintage Cadillac’s still roam the streets which, beyond Havana and a few trunk roads, are virtually traffic free. The youthful population has retained a natural exuberance, expressed in dance and music, which spontaneously breaks out day and night. The tropical scenery, unspoilt and pristine, is as stunning as it is varied, and the warm waters of the Caribbean lap against palm fringed beaches, enjoyed by local people and tourists alike.

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It was a fantastic trip. There is an obvious division in Cuba between those who come into contact with tourists and those who don't and so, like a magnet around iron filings our very presence distorts and changes what we see. This is perhaps more the case in Cuba than elsewhere but as more people visit I hope this will reduce. It is, for the moment, part of the character of the country and part of the experience. I really can't fault the organisation of the trip and would just like to say again that our guide was fantastic at bringing the history and culture of Cuba alive for everyone.

RN, London

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