Group Tours

Travelling on a small group tour is a fantastic way to experience all that Latin America has to offer. You'll get to know other like-minded travellers on an inspiring shared journey.

Our Escorted Group Tours to Central and South America are designed to let you explore the stunning sights of Central and South America with our exceptional tour leaders. With our group tours, you can fully immerse yourself in the culture, and the delicious traditional cuisine this region has to offer, and meet with like-minded travellers to share the exhilarating experience.

What type of Escorted Group Tour is right for me?

Whether you want to travel off-the-beaten track on one of our Discovery group toursor in more comfort and style on a Classic tour, we have a range of options to choose from. Just speak to one of our specialists to find out which of our group tours in Central and South America will best suit you.

  • Small group size – with a minimum of just four passengers and a maximum of 20 .Our smaller group sizes also mean we can stay in more remote places, and use vihicles to suit the group's size and needs.
  • Fully escorted tours – our tours are accompanied by our exceptional trained tour leaders who use their in-depth knowledge from years of travel, living and working on the continent to give you an authentic holiday experience. They speak the local language and deal with the practicalities, adapting circumstances that arise and the individual needs of the group.
  • Solo travellers – our escorted tours to Central and South America run with a broad mix of demographics, but all with one thing in common - a love of travel. Our escorted group tours are ideal if you're travelling alone. There's no supplement if you're willing to share with someone of the same sex. But if you'd prefer, you can opt to pay for a single room and guarantee your own space.

Why choose an Escorted Group Tour to Latin America?

Journey Latin America were one of the first to offer escorted group tours in South America, and we continue to strive to create outstanding holidays for you to enjoy. As well as offering much-loved trips, we also search for the latest exciting holidays. We use our expert knowledge to shape our Escorted Group Tours and also listen to your feedback. All Journey Latin America tours include:

  • Main excursions (optional excursions are also available to book locally with no mark-ups)
  • Breakfast and some other meals throughout the day but freedom to eat when and where you like with food recommendations and tips from our tour leaders.
  • 90% of private land transport (any local transport taken is checked and approved)
  • No hidden extras charges upon arrival.
  • Visit to local communities.

All of our escorted group tours at Journey Latin America are sustainable, and we’re careful to limit the impact we have on the places we visit. We’re proud to have holidays features on

Contact our Travel Experts today to start planning your tour in Central and South America now.

Classic Group Tours

Sacred Valley Group

Explore Latin America's most iconic destinations with plush accommodation to return to each night on a Classic Journey.

If you like the idea of exploring iconic destinations in comfort, our Classic group tours to Central and South America could be perfect for you.

With every one of our Classic Group Tours, you will experience Latin America with other like-minded people for company, with welcoming accommodation to return to each night, and with the reassurance that all the practicalities are taken care of.

When Journey Latin America first started offering tours to Central and South America almost 40 years ago, it was unthinkable to travel in style. How times have changed - we've seen this region evolve over the years, and we've moved with it. We can now take you on group tours to Central and South America in true comfort and style.

With every tour, you'll stay in some of our favourite hotels: welcoming places with superb facilities, stylish décor and excellent services. Good roads, luxury trains and comprehensive local flight networks now connect the key destinations; we plan the most comfortable route and use private vehicles to take you from place-to-place.

You'll be eating well too. Our award-winning tour leaders have an unrivalled knowledge of Central and South America's best-kept secrets, and can recommend delicious regional specialities and wines at some of the best restaurants across the continent. There's no need to sacrifice the simple pleasures of a good night's sleep, comfortable travel and exciting gastronomy to experience the very best of this region on your group tour.

If you are looking to be inspired, some of our most popular group holidays include unforgettable tours to Peru and Colombia, where you can embrace the local culture and history in a whole new way.

At Journey Latin America, our Classic small group tours to Central and South America give you the ultimate experiences of the continent, leaving you wanting to come back for more! Contact our experts to start planning your holiday, or for more information.

Why choose our Classic Group Tours

  • Superior small group holidays with a maximum of 20
  • Highlights of countries in complete comfort
  • Private vehicles used throughout
  • Upper Mid-range and first class properties throughout
  • Journey Latin America tour leader throughout

Discovery Group Tours

Chile Atacama

Our Discovery Journeys are designed to give a deep insight into Latin American life, land and history.

Explore the highlights of Central and South America and be swept away by magnificent landscapes, vibrant cultures and ancient history on an escorted group tour.

Our Discovery Journeys are designed to give a fascinating insight into Latin America, and are the perfect way to embrace the local culture and history with like-minded travellers.

As you make your way through the meandering back roads of South America, you'll discover its best-kept secrets, which many tourists don't often get to see. Our award-winning tour leaders have unrivalled knowledge of Central and South America, and will show you everything from new trails to local markets with lots of local fiestas along the way!

With every small group tour to Central and South America, you'll get to stay in wonderful family-run hotels and guesthouses, all hand-picked by us. When you feel like soaking up the local atmosphere in the evening, you can explore bustling bars, or sample the local delicacies in the traditional restaurants.

Our Discovery Journeys offer authenticity and great value-for-money. We have small group sizes to ensure you get the most out of your holidays, and include a mixture of private and public transport to get you around as quickly and comfortably as we can.

A fantastic range of destinations are included in these more adventurous tours, so you certainly won't be short of activities to do. You can explore Peruin-depth, or check out the natural beauty of Brazil. For inspiration before your holiday, check out ourtop five moments in Brazil.

Contact our experts
 to start planning your holiday, or for more information.

Why choose our Discovery Group Tours

  • Why Choose Our Discovery Tour
  • Country highlights and off the beaten track itineraries
  • Very comfortable mid-range hotels and family run properties
  • Private vehicles and luxury public coaches
  • Journey Latin America tour leader throughout


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    Lina Fuller - Travel Consultant

    Lina's passion for the continent where she was born really took off when she moved to Córdoba to study, spending the holidays travelling between Argentina and her native Colombia.

  • Ben Line
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    Ben fell in love with Latin America on a six month backpacking trip from Colombia to Mexico in 1995. Since then he has explored most of South America, including living in Peru for a year. He is now Manager of the Tailor-made Department.

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