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Here's our guide to the countries and regions we know and love, across the whole of Central and South America.


Our holidays to Antarctica explore the spectacular landscapes and unique wildlife of this ice-smothered continent. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Antarctica Penguins


Experience stunning natural landscapes, shimmering glaciers, and lush green rain forests with a choice of award-winning Argentina holidays from Journey Latin America. Contact our experts today and start planning your next holiday.

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Holiday in English-speaking Belize and enjoy this tiny country's unique cocktail of Mayan and Caribbean cultures with stunning beaches and world-class scuba-diving. Book online now.

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Visit the highlights of Bolivia including La Paz and the salt flats on a holiday with Journey Latin America. Book online now or speak to an expert.

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Altiplano Bolivia


Enjoy picturesque landscapes, thriving cultures, and tropical rainforests with Brazil holidays from Journey Latin America. Contact our experts today.

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Rio de Janeiro


Discover the picturesque sights of South America with a holiday to Chile with Journey Latin America. Explore Chile's truly awe-inspiring scenery, from striking deserts to enormous glaciers during a holiday that suits your needs. Contact our experts today to start booking your trip.

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Experience dramatic scenery, atmospheric towns, and unsullied rain forests with a choice of award-winning Colombia holidays from Journey Latin America.

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Costa Rica

Is the breath-taking beauty of Costa Rica top of your list for your next holiday? With holidays ideal for groups, solo travellers and families alike, contact Journey Latin America today. With over 40 years' experience in planning holidays to Central and South America, we can create the perfect holiday to Costa Rica.

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Experience stunning landscapes and awe-inspiring landmarks with a choice of award-winning Cuba holidays from Journey Latin America. Contact our experts and start planning your trip today.

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Vintage cars havana

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

Discover wild Pacific beaches, lush rainforest and the fascinating Galápagos Islands with our Ecuador holidays and tours. Book with Journey Latin America today.

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El Salvador

Discover the history, unforgettable scenery and some of the friendliest people in Latin America on a holiday to El Salvador. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Falkland Islands

Our Falkland Islands holidays present a remote archipelago of wild beauty, history and abundant bird and animal life.

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Port Stanley

French Guiana

Visit South America's French Guiana for a taste of exotic France and the European Space Agency. Book with Journey Latin America.

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devils Island French Guyana


Guatemala is Central America's most exotic and colourful country with traditional communities, markets, volcanoes, lakes and superb Mayan ruined cities swathed in jungle. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Lake Atitlan


Visit Guyana English-speaking Caribbean country with a pristine wildlife-filled jungle excellent for bird-watching. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Kaieteur Falls, Guyana


Unspoilt Honduras offers scuba diving at Roatán, rainforest national parks and Mayan ruins at Copán. Explore tranquil coastlines and rugged woodland with a Honduras holiday from Journey Latin America.

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Explore magnificent mountains and archaeological sites with a choice of award-winning Mexico holidays from Journey Latin America. Contact our experts today.

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Visit Nicaragua, Central America's most unspoilt destinations with volcanoes, wildlife, colonial cities, lakes and Pacific beaches on one of our Nicaragua holidays. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Snorkel on coral reefs, seek out jungle wildlife and experience Panama City's cultural mix on holiday in Panama. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Land-locked Paraguay is often side-stepped but has a unique multi-cultural society, music and cuisine. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Looking to visit iconic Peru and experience its awe-inspiring beauty and fascinating culture? We have a great range of Peru tours for groups, solo adventures, and family trips to Peru to suit everyone’s needs. Contact Journey Latin America today and start planning your Peru holiday.

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Travel to unique Dutch Suriname and visit its multi-ethnic communities. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Visit friendly Uruguay, peaceful rural country across the River Plate from Buenos Aires with welcoming ranches and superb beaches. Book with Journey Latin America.

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A holiday in Venezuela offers snow-capped Andean mountains, Spanish colonial towns, wildlife wetlands and Caribbean beaches. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Angel Falls

The Amazon

Experience the diverse wildlife and indigenous cultures of The Amazon rainforest.

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Galapagos Islands

The misty volcanic islands of twisted lava and sparkling sandy coves shelter an array of trusting bird and reptile species, not to mention undersea marine animals.

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Iguazu Falls

The incomparable Iguazú Falls plummet from a sheer 60m drop, crashing through the subtropical jungle alive with wildlife and butterflies.

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Iguazu Falls

Lake Titicaca

One of Latin America's most iconic sites, Lake Titicaca straddles the border of Peru and Bolivia. Visit the unique man-made floating reed island of the Uros indians and Taquile island.

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Uros Island


Patagonia is a stunning wilderness of windswept grasslands, serrated massifs and remote fjords which stretch to the very tip of the Southern Cone. Browse our Patagonia tours and holidays today.

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El Chalten


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Bartolome, Galápagos

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