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A comprehensive highlights holiday in one of the world’s best eco-destinations. Includes the less visited south, embracing jungle wildlife, active adventures, Mayan ruins and a vibrant Caribbean culture.

On this good-value holiday packed with adventures, you can enjoy many cultural and wildlife-focused experiences. Visit communities of the Mayan and Garifuna peoples, and find out how they live in harmony with nature and the modern world. You even get to visit an artisan chocolate factory.

English-speaking Belize is rapidly becoming one of the world’s premier eco-adventure destinations, with a bunch of excellent, high quality lodges scattered through the undisturbed Mayan Mountains and along the coral-fringed Caribbean coast.

The small-scale, eco-friendly accommodation we have chosen is appropriate for lovers of sporting activities too: go caving, hiking, tubing down fast-flowing rivers, kayaking and snorkelling. Experienced guides will be with you all the way.

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  • Visit the ATM caves
  • Choice of activities including jungle wildlife spotting, nature trails, and boat rides Lamanai Outpost Lodge
  • Guided tour of Lamanai Maya ruins
  • A range of active and cultural activities at the Lodge at Big Falls
  • Visit to Hokeb Ha cave and Ixcacao cocoa plantation
  • Relax or enjoy water-sports and seaside activities on a Caribbean beach
  • Visit the feeding grounds at Placencia lagoon


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Bartolome, Galápagos

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  • The day we visiting the Frida Kahlo and Trotsky museums and also the canal. As well as all the wonderful pyramids and the Copper Canyon extension were among my highlights. We were very impressed with our first experience of travelling with JLA. We have been to several Central and South American countries before and had underestimated the impact that Mexico would have on us. It had such a variety of experiences to offer, the colour, the music, the many different and dramatic archeological sites and political history. The ethnic mix added to the diversity and the people were all a delight to meet. JLA allowed us to experience this in its selection of places, accommodation, excursions and especially the tour leader.

    JD, Buxton
    Jan 2014
  • Stunning landscape / scenery in Patagonia together with Iguazu Falls were the highlights.

    DM, Sale
    Jan 2012
  • Jacana was a fascinating, very well organised 3 week tour through Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Lima taking in the highlights of each country. Every day gave us a new experience which will stay in our memories for a long time to come.

    VT, London
    Apr 2016
  • It was a wonderful trip. It was all good. In saying what I say next that is not to denigrate anything else. However, here we were at the vineyards outside Mendoza. It is a beautiful day weather-wise. We have had a fine tour of the vineyard and winery. The vineyard is itself beautiful and peaceful. Now we are in a lovely modern building for the 'lecture' and tastings. I am feeling very happy. Can it get any better? Yes. I look beyond the lecturer out of the window and there I see the beauty of the vineyard and 'just' behind that of the high Andes. Breathtaking!
    I have been travelling for over half a century but his was my first organised tour and it was wonderful. As I said on my return I would go again next week if my diary was not full, I needed a rest and was not minded to spend as much again so soon.

    IM, London
    Apr 2017
  • There were many wonderful memories. Iguacu was amazing and Machu Picchu was intriguing. Landscapes were fascinating & the people were friendly. Lovely to see the colourful costumes & markets.

    JP, Nottingham
    Jan 2014
  • An excellent specialist company with great attention to detail, abundance of local knowledge and great customer care.  I have travelled twice with this company and will certainly travel with them again.

    AL, London
    Nov 2017
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Our exciting range of articles on Latin America explore everything from iconic destinations and lesser-known cultural gems to delicious traditional recipes. You’ll also find exclusive travel tips, first-hand client reviews and the chance to get your personal questions answered by our travel experts.


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Our exciting range of articles on Latin America explore everything from iconic destinations and lesser-known cultural gems to delicious traditional recipes. You’ll also find exclusive travel tips, first-hand client reviews and the chance to get your personal questions answered by our travel experts.

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Bartolome, Galápagos

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