We share where to go when to make the most of Latin America's diverse weather.

• Patagonia – While the weather is always unpredictable in Patagonia, there is a better chance of bright, clear days during the southern summer.
• Iguazú Falls – The falls are particularly impressive at this time of year: following the heavy rains they are at their fullest.
• Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia – Although it is the wet season which means tours can’t always travel as far into the salt flats, a mirror effect created by the shallow water makes for fantastic photo opportunities.

• Iguazú Falls – The falls are still very full following the rains.
• Patagonia, Chile – An annular solar eclipse will take place in South America in 2017 and the best place to witness the event is in Coyhaique in Chilean Patagonia.


• Lake District, Chile – Quieter than in the peak months of January and February, March still enjoys pleasant temperatures with bright days.

• Galápagos Islands – While the islands are a year-round destination, the waters are at their warmest and calmest at this time of year.
• Rio’s beaches, Brazil – The warm weather and sunshine makes this the perfect time to enjoy Rio and its beaches.
• Cuba – April is a great time to visit Cuba: it’s dry, sunny and humidity isn’t as high as in other months.
• Patagonia – Autumn in Patagonia is a beautiful time to be in the mountains as the landscape transforms into a sea of golden brown.

• Pantanal, Brazil – The dry season begins and runs until October meaning mammals are more visible.
• Andes, Peru; Bolivia; Ecuador – This is the start of the dry season in the Andes and one of the best times to visit Machu Picchu and trek the Inca trail. There also tend to be fewer people than in the summer months (July/August) and the mountains are green and lush.

• Amazon – The dry season begins and, like the Pantanal, runs until October increasing the chances of seeing mammals on the riverbanks.
• Atacama Desert, Chile – Dry and cool, this is a great time to make the most of the outdoor activities on offer. Clear nights also make it a good time for stargazing.
• Angel Falls, Venezuela – The rivers are full enough for boats to take visitors to the base of the waterfall.
• Southern Brazil’s beaches – The warm weather and sunshine makes this the perfect time to enjoy the beaches of southern Brazil.

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• Andes, Peru; Bolivia; Ecuador
– The dry season in the Andes brings bright, sunny days that show the mountains at their best.

• Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia – The peak of the dry season, August is a good time for ensuring full exploration of the salt flats.

• Buenos Aires, Argentina
– Comfortable daytime temperatures make this a great time to explore the city on foot.

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• Northwest Argentina and the Puna – With winter coming to an end, days
are dry and bright, but the high altitude, especially in the Puna, means
it is still cold at night.
• Lake District, Argentina – Springtime around Bariloche sees wild flowers blossoming and, while there is slightly more rainfall than other times of the year, it is a great time for a range of outdoor activities.

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• Antarctica – The Antarctic summer has begun and expedition cruises can begin to navigate through the melting icescape.
• Pantanal, Brazil – The wet season begins in November and lasts until April, flooding the landscape and bringing with it an abundance of birdlife.


• Northeast Brazil’s beaches – Brazil’s north-eastern coast enjoys warm weather and sunshine making it a perfect ‘winter beach’ destination.
• Mexico – Generally warm and dry across the country, December is a prime time to visit Mexico.

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