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South America is such a fantastic and varied destination for families – you could combine activities such as rafting, trekking, snorkelling or biking with jungle expeditions into the Amazon. Buenos Aires and Rio are two of South America’s most iconic hubs so you really shouldn’t miss those out if vibrant cities are your style. But with 6 weeks South America could be your oyster, and you certainly have plenty of time to take in most of South America’s big sights including the Iguazú Falls and Machu Picchu. There are literally hundreds of ideas I could give you so my best advice is to call me so we can talk about your interests, budget and how much travelling you’d like to do – South America is a huge continent!

As a starting point though, July and August are the dry months to visit the Andean countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and northern Chile. It's also a good time to visit Brazil – although the further south you travel in Brazil the colder it will feel, from approximately 10 degrees in the far south to a scorching 35 degrees in the northeast of Brazil.

If the choice were mine, I’d start off in Peru, fly to the Amazon, then head to Cusco and perhaps plan to walk the Inca Trail – a 3-day trek (there is also a 1-day mini version available). I’d then take a train across Peru’s beautiful high-altitude plains to Lake Titicaca, cross the lake into Bolivia and stay a few nights in La Paz. I’d then try and include the Uyuni Salt flats, a surreal landscape that is utterly breathtaking. You could then return to La Paz or you could continue your trip to the Atacama desert in northern Chile. From Atacama, I’d fly to Santiago and then across to Buenos Aires. From here you could continue your journey north to the Iguazú Falls and then finish on one of the stunning subtropical beaches near Rio. Voila!

As I said, please do call me to discuss things further as that way I can give you a much better idea of time scale and I’ll be able to suggest an itinerary that will be perfectly tailored to suit you and your family.

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