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2013 and earlier

Menu Reader: Brazilian Portuguese to English

Jenny Powles

By Jenny Powles
Product and Marketing

Abacate Avocado
Abacaxí Pineapple
Abóbora Pumpkin
Açaí Jungle berry, typically served "na tigela" ("in the bowl") as a breakfast smoothie topped with granola and fruit
Acarajé Black bean fritters, sliced open and filled with seafood and chilli garnishes
Acebolado/a With onions
Jungle cherry
Açucar Sugar
Água (com/sem gás) (Sparkling/still) water
Aipim Manioc, cassava
Alcaparras Capers
Alface Lettuce
Alho Garlic
Alho e óleo Typical preparation of garlic and oil, for pasta or prawns
Aliche Anchovy
Almôndegas Meatballs
Ameixa Plum
Arroz Rice
Arroz à grega Rice with vegetables
Assado/a Roasted, barbecued
Atum Tuna
Azeite Oil
Azeitonas Olives
Bacalhau Cod, saltcod
Badejo White fish
Batata Potato
Batata frita Chips (fries)
Batata natural Boiled potatoes
Baurú Sandwich of cheese, ham, lettuce and tomato
Bite-sized sweet coconut ball
Beirut Pitta bread sandwich
Beringela Aubergine
Bife Steak
Bobó Seafood dish with a tomato and coconut sauce thickened with cassava (manioc)
Bolinho de bacalhau Saltcod fish cakes
Bolo Cake
(Na) brasa (cooked on the) grill
Brigadeiro Bite-sized condensed milk and chocolate ball
Brochete Skewer, kebab
Cabro / cabrito Goat / kid
Cachaça Strong cane spirit
Café Coffee
Café com leite Coffee with milk
Cafezinho Small, sweet black coffee
Café da manha Breakfast
Caipifruta Cocktail of cane spirit, fruit juice of your choice and sugar
Caipirinha Cocktail of cane spirit, lime juice and sugar
Caipiríssima Cocktail of rum, lime juice and sugar
Caipiroska Cocktail of vodka, lime juice and sugar
Cajú Cashew (often refers to the fruit rather than the nut)
Camarão Prawn
Canja de galinha Chicken stew
Caranguejo Crab
Carneiro Lamb
(Com/sem) cáscara (With/without) shell (eg prawns)
Castanha do Pará Brazil nut
Catupiry Brazilian creamy cheese
A cavalo With a fried egg on top
Cebola Onion
Cenoura Carrot
Cereja Cherry
Cerveja Beer
Chá Tea
Champignon Mushroom
Chantilly Cream
Chopp Draught beer
Churrasco Charcoal-grilled meat
Coco (gelado) (Chilled green) coconut
Coelho Rabbit
Cogumelo Mushroom
Comida a/por kilo "Weigh and pay" – buffet-style restaurant system in which you choose your food, have it weighed and pay according to its weight
Contrafilé Sirloin
Coração Heart
Costela Rib
Costeleta Cutlet, chop
Couve Cabbage
Fried snack of shredded chicken and seasoning formed into a rounded cone (also: chicken drumstick)
Sweet jungle fruit
Dendê Palm oil
Dobrada Tripe
Doce Sweet (as adjective or to mean pudding)
Doce de leite
Caramelised condensed milk
Empada / empadinha Pasty-like snack
Empadão Savoury pie
Espinafre Spinach
Espeto / espetinho Kebab, skewer
Farofa Manioc flour – a traditional accompaniment used to thicken the consistency of sauces and stews
Feijão Black beans (usually not vegetarian)
Feijoada Stew of black beans and meat – the traditional family meal, eaten on Saturdays
Fígado Liver
Filé Fillet of beef
Frango Chicken
Frio Cold
Galinha Chicken
Geleia Jam
Goiaba Guava
Goiabada Guava jam
Grelhado/a Grilled
Guaraná Sweet fizzy drink made from jungle berries
Guarnições Side dishes, garnishes
(Chá de) hortelã Mint (tea)
Isca Strip
Lagosta Lobster
Laranja Orange
Lasanha / lazanha Lasagne
Legumes Vegetables
(Molho de) lentejana Sauce of wine, bacon, onion, mushrooms and potatoes
Leite Milk
Limão Lime
Lingua Tongue
Linguado Sole
Linguiza Sausage
Lombo Pork loin
Lula Squid
Maçã Apple
Macarrão Pasta
Macaxeira Cassava, manioc – north-eastern Brazil
Mamão Papaya
Mandioca Manioc (usually refers to manioc flour)
Manteiga Butter
Massa Pasta, noodles
Maté Herb infusion, similar to a tea
Medalhão Steak medallions, typically filet mignon
Melao Melon
À milanesa
Deep-fried in batter or breadcrumbs
Milho Maize
Mocotó Beef and bean stew
Molho Sauce
Moqueca Seafood dish in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, pepper and coconut milk
Morango Strawberry
Mixto quente Toasted sandwich (usually ham and cheese)
Na telha
Served on a ceramic dish or tile
Nozes Walnuts
Óleo Oil
Ovo Egg
Ovo estrelado Fried egg
Ovo mexido Scrambled egg
Ostra Oyster
Pão Bread
Pão de queijo Balls of cheese bread
Palmito Palm hearts
Passas Raisins
Pasty, snack
Peixe Fish
Perú Turkey
Pêssego Peach
Picadinho Mince, small beef pieces
Picanha Steak
Picolé Ice lolly
Pimenta Pepper (seasoning)
Pimentão Pepper (capsicum)
Pirão Paste of flour and fish stock
Polvo Octopus
Porco Pork
Presunto Ham
Pudim Milk pudding
Purée Mashed potato
Queijo Cheese
Queijo coalho
Grilled cheese skewers (similar to halloumi)
Quente Hot
Quiabo Okra
Quibe Middle-Eastern-style croquette
Quindim Egg and coconut custard dessert
Refrigerante Soft drink
Cream cheese
Rodizio Served all-you-can-eat buffet in which waiters bring food (usually cuts of meat) to your table
Rodovalho Turbot
Romeu e Julieta Cheese and guava jam filling
Salada Salad
Sal Salt
Salgado / salgadinho Bar snack, finger food
Salpicão Pickled pork sausage
Salsa Parsley
Salsicha Sausage
Sardinha Sardine
Siri Crab
Sobremesa Dessert
Sorvete Ice cream
Suco Juice – you can usually choose whether to have milk ("com leite") or water ("com água") added
Suco natural Pure fruit juice – no added water or milk
Talharim Linguini
Tapioca Filled pancake made of manioc flour
Torrado/a Toasted, roasted
Vatapá Paste of coconut, palm oil, peanut and shrimp, a filling for acarajé – north-eastern Brazil
Vinho (branco / tinto) (White / red) wine
Vitamina Fruit juice drink
Vitela Veal
X-burger Cheeseburger ('X' in Portuguese is pronounced 'shees' and often used as an abbreviation of 'cheese')


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