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Suriname / French Guiana / Guyana

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Overview & Highlights

An exhilarating exploration of the three Guianas, set between the Caribbean and the Amazon basin, a cultural medley and profusion of wildlife. 

This holiday to the three Guianas operates with fixed-date departures, and groups you with other like-minded travellers keen to explore the trio of remote and fascinating destinations. While you can also book it privately, choosing your preferred dates, bear in mind that tourism is still in its infancy here and infrastructure for visitors and residents alike is rudimentary. The cost will therefore be significantly higher and confirmation dependent on availability.

The three Guianas, which fringe the Caribbean coast of South America and extend south into Amazonia, represent the evolution of territory controlled by three European colonial powers. As such, Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana have absorbed aspects of the cultures and languages of the Netherlands, France and Great Britain respectively, while also retaining many features of their indigenous cultures and the traditions of former African slaves. This extraordinary journey through all three of these little-visited, under-developed countries, reveals their individuality, but also the harmony of their natural landscapes, their plethora of wildlife and their stunning wilderness views.

Start your adventure in Suriname, perhaps the least known and understood of the three, with a rich way of life reflecting a mélange of cultures. Its capital, Paramaribo, is a unique mix of Dutch, African and local indian influences; Georgetown in Guyana has a British Caribbean flavour, while Cayenne in French Guiana is legally a part of France. But head south into the back country of each and you’ll be amazed by the exotic birdlife, mammals, reptiles and tropical plants which transcend borders.

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