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Mexican street food

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Day 1

Transfer to your hotel in Mexico City on the central plaza.

The city is mind-bogglingly huge. Seen from the air, Mexico City, embracing over 20 million people, is a drained lake full of urban sprawl, located at 2,250m.

But at ground level it exposes all the different aspects of its centuries of history dating back to the Aztecs: the secretive lanes around the city’s heart, the vast zócalo, dominated by its monumental cathedral; the arty colonial quarter of Coyoacán; the silvery sky-scrapers lining the noble Paseo Reforma – inspired by the Champs Elysées – to shady Chapultepec Park.

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Day 2

Visit the San Juan market; a first taste of local delicacies.

You will dive into the vibrant market scene offered by one of the best known markets in Mexico City. San Juan is the number one spot to seek out exotic products; fruits, vegetables, meats, insects, chilies, moles, corn and cheese. You’ll have the chance to sample homemade mole and blue corn tlacoyos; also discover the flavour and texture of pulque, an alcoholic beverage traditional to central Mexico.

This is the ideal experience for true adventurers who want to gain an in-depth understanding of Mexican markets and will enjoy the chaos, grit and charm of some of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city. 

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Day 3

Guided excursion to pre-Hispanic Teotihuacán pyramids.

Drive 50km northeast to the archaeological site of Teotihuacán, home to some of the most remarkable relics of ancient civilisation in the world. The immense ruins – dominated by vast pyramids – are thought to date from around 300BC.  The identity of the city’s founders and where they came from remains a mystery. It was completely abandoned until the Aztecs arrived, eventually collapsing for good in the 7th century AD.

En route you stop at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas (Square of the Three Cultures) in the Tlatelolco neighbourhood. The plaza recognises three periods of Mexican history reflected by buildings: pre-Columbian, Spanish colonial, and the independent mestizo nation. 

Continue to the basilica of Guadalupe, a statue of the Virgin Mary atop a hill where a local Christian convert claimed to have seen her in a vision.  Here, pilgrims approach the shrine on their knees across the flagstone courtyard. The most devout make the whole pilgrimage on their knees. Afterwards, return to Mexico City. 

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Day 4

Visit a traditional neighbourhood to sample street food.

You will visit an old traditional neighbourhood now packed with office workers, to gain an overview of the complex street food system. Move on from one street food stand to another and sample fresh tamales, squash flower burritos, carnitas, cemitas and more. The experience takes around four hours and is suitable for vegetarians. 


Day 5

Travel to baroque Puebla, walking tour.

Explore Puebla – a Unesco World Heritage Site – on a guided walking tour. The streets are streets lined with baroque churches and colonial mansions, many adorned with the beautiful hand-painted Talavera tiles for which the city is famous.

This is also the place where Mexico’s national dish – the ‘mole poblano’ – originated.  Visit the Cathedral – the second largest in Mexico; Mercado El Parian – a crafts market in the artists’ quarter; Templo de San Francisco – where the body of San Sebastian de Aparicio lies, a Spaniard  who came to Mexico in 1533 and planned many of the country’s roads before becoming a monk.

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Day 6

Sample local confections and savoury snacks.

In addition to having the most churches of any Mexican city Puebla is purported to have the most chefs and also some of the best.  Many have honed their culinary skills working in Puebla’s markets, cafes and street stalls.

This is where you’ll be introduced to a world of colourful sweet and savoury delights with wonderful local names: camotes are fruit-flavored sweet potato cigars, borrachitos tequila-infused gum drops, tortitas de Santa Clara (shortbread-like rounds iced with a pepita glaze). quesadillas with pumpkin flowers and wild mushrooms make a great savory vegetarian snack whilst meat eaters can tuck into mixiotes de carnero (lamb in parchment), and chiles en nogada (pork and fruit stuffed peppers in walnut sauce).  

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Day 7

By road to Oaxaca.

Oaxaca, with its airy patios and graceful arcades, is famed for its colourful market, serapes, crafts and dances. The city’s historical centre, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

Separated from Mexico City to the north by rugged mountains and dotted with small weaving and craft villages, the isolated region has ploughed its own furrow, forging its own distinctive identity.

Known as Mexico’s artistic centre, Oaxaca embodies both indigenous and colonial features, the markets, artisan workshops, rituals and multiple fiestas reflecting the native culture while the baroque architecture, plazas and museums bear witness to the Spanish influence.


Day 8

A day’s cookery course with Oaxacan specialities.

Oaxacan cuisine is famous for its complexity and rich variety of ingredients and flavours. You will learn how to prepare traditional Oaxacan dishes from a local cookery teacher using recipes passed down through the generations.

First, you will visit the local market to buy and sample the ingredients; fruits, vegetables and regional herbs and spices. Following a short talk on Oaxacan cuisine, you’ll head into the kitchen to prepare and then enjoy eating a delicious four course meal. 

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Day 9

Visit neighbourhood markets; guided city tour.

In the morning there’s a comprehensive visit to Benito Juárez market and its environs: this is the focus of street food in the city.  You’ll be taken to various parts of the city for different courses in what will be an exotic, locally inspired meal.  If you dare, you’ll have the opportunity to taste well known the pre-Hispanic delicacy grasshoppers (chapulines), and the less controversial quesillo cheese; as well as an empanada, washed down with fruity water. 

Afterwards, walk to the 20th November market to continue sampling the delicious gastronomy of Oaxaca, tasting grilled dry meat (tasajo) with guacamole and baby onions. For dessert choose a traditional sweet, an Oaxaca sherbet or a classic nicuatole. .Finally, visit a mezcaleria to sample the different varieties of the powerful Mexican liquor which is distilled from a bright blue cactus-like plant cultivated locally.

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Day 10

Fly to Mexico City; connect to international flight.

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Our exciting range of articles on Latin America explore everything from iconic destinations and lesser-known cultural gems to delicious traditional recipes. You’ll also find exclusive travel tips, first-hand client reviews and the chance to get your personal questions answered by our travel experts.

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