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Guyana isn't Latin: it sits alone on the continent of South America as an ex-British colony, sharing a Caribbean flavour where English is the first language and cricket the national sport. Culturally it's a remarkable and unique melting pot of Afro-Caribbean, Amerindian, European, Brazilian and Asian influences: in the capital, Georgetown, a Hindu temple may sit happily next to a jerk-chicken fast food outlet while reggae music thunders from the bar across the road.

The country is composed of vast areas covered by virgin rainforest, savannah and ancient tablelands over one of which spill the stunning Kaieteur Falls. Deep in the almost untrodden interior there is magnificent jungle scenery and a plethora of wildlife unrivalled on the continent. Jaguars, giant otters, tapirs and over 800 bird species roam undisturbed.

This is true wilderness. It isn’t easy to get around. The Caribbean coastline is a steamy, stretch of muddy mangrove forest, through which a paved coast road runs eastwards from Georgetown towards Suriname; there are just a few dirt roads heading inland. Travel is by river, dirt road or by light plane.

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Our insider tips for Guyana

Chris Parrott

Chris Parrott

Iwokrama Rainforest, a vast wilderness of protected rainforest in the heart of one of the last four untouched tropical forests of the world, offers the best all-round wildlife opportunities in the country and there is no better way to spot some of the +500 species of bird recorded in the reserve or watch any the 5 species of monkey playing in the treetops than getting up high, above the rainforest canopy. For those who like a challenge there is a 1 ¾ hr hike up Turtle Mountain, which rises out above the jungle to a height of 360m. Alternatively a gentler option is to visit the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway.


Tom Parrott

Deep in the pristine rainforest and virtually inaccessible other than by plane, a holiday to Guyana is incomplete without a visit to the awe-inspiring Kaiteur Falls. Nearly five times as high as Niagra Falls, the turbulent water plunges over the edge of a table-top plateau into a deep forested gorge 250m below. As untouched as it was when discovered 150 years ago, yet with only a handful of visitors a day, the unique environment also harbours rare orchids, a tiny endemic golden frog that lives its entire life inside the the world’s largest bromeliad, and the cock-of-the-rock with its fiery orange plumage.

Isabelle Mazille

Take a morning or late afternoon stroll through the centre of Guyana’s colourful capital city Georgetown, a port on the River Demerara. It has lovely plantation and Victorian colonial-style architecture, with many white wooden houses on stilts draped in flowering plants. The imposing St George’s cathedral is one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world and you can spot plenty of exotic bird species in the city's botanical gardens.


Natalie Paiva

Stay at the Makushi tribe’s basic but friendly Surama Eco Lodge, located in an area of savannah surrounded by lush rainforest deep in the country’s interior. English is Guyana’s official language and everyone speaks it to a good level so a stay with this Amerindian tribe affords the opportunity for a fascinating and authentic cultural exchange and to learn about tribal customs passed down through the centuries. Being Guyana, there are of course excellent wildlife-spotting opportunities from the lodge too.

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97% of our clients rated their experience with us as Excellent or Good.

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A Caribbean coastline, and an equatorial climate ... but no white-sand beaches. What attracts visitors to Guyana (“land of rivers”) is wildlife in abundance. The underpopulated interior harbours birdlife which delights even the most dilettante of watchers, which includes me.  It’s a region of savannah and rainforest which is accessed only by air or by a single road. Guyana was prompted by this naturally-imposed isolation and its other major asset – everyone speaks English –  to introduce 20 years ago training for local ornithologist and botanist guides. I’ve been all over Latin America  and Guyana is the only place I’ve ever seen a Harpy eagle or Cock-of-the-Rock in the wild. And although I’ve never seen a jaguar (yet), Guyana is where I’ve come closest.

Chris Parrott

Chris Parrott


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