Barbara Zanotelli Rodrigues

Barbara Zanotelli Rodrigues Former Travel Expert

With Brazilian parents, Barbara has a passion for all things Latin American.

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Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Barbara is an enthusiastic member of the Journey Latin America. She studied International Tourism Management at university which prepared her well for her role in our marketing department. She has a thorough knowledge of the computer programmes we use and is a very fast learner. With infinite resources of patience, she is an invaluable resource for maintaining our website and social media, as well as creating our newsletters and writing features for our online magazine.

Barbara is keen to discover more of Latin America while her inherent national pride provides a solid grounding for and a good insight into Latin American culture and personality. She would love to visit Mexico for its rich and vibrant culture as well as the tangy margarita.

What Is Your Favourite...


This may be a biased opinion, but my favourite place has to be Rio de Janeiro. Not only does the city have beautiful beaches and iconic sites, it’s energy is completely different to anywhere else. It’s laid-back but with the beating of samba at the core, making you feel like a party is about to pop up anywhere.


Guardia del Monte is a hidden gem in Uruguay’s Rocha department. The traditional estancia is full of character with the most beautiful grounds with plenty of opportunities to go for walks, horse riding or canoeing in the vast area surrounding the estancia. This is the perfect place to kick back and relax.


Visiting Tikal was incredible! The history behind the ancient city built by the Mayans as early as 600bc is so captivating and it’s surrounded by lush jungle which meant we saw howler monkeys, toucans and coatis all day. The best part was climbing to the top of the highest pyramid for the most breathtaking views of the jungle and ruins.

Top Travel Tip

Try to be in Salvador da Bahia on a Sunday so that you can see the drumming troupe Olodum in one of their weekly rehearsals.


Top Packing Tip

Taking solid shampoo, conditioner and soap with you may be a better option. As it’s not a liquid you can take it in your hand luggage if you choose but it also won’t take up a lot of space and leave you worry free about any leaks. It’s also a better choice for the environment as there’s less plastic.



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