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Jenny Powles Cuba
Jenny Powles - Product & Marketing

Jenny first visited Latin America as a student, setting off a longstanding love of Latin culture, vibrancy and musicality that would soon see her return to backpack across South America.


We set the record straight on five areas of Latin America that simply don’t get the recognition they deserve.

1. Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls

Coming in just 21m shy of a kilometre in height, Angel Falls is the world’s tallest waterfall, so it’s amazing to me that it rarely seems to get a look-in compared to Niagara, Victoria and South America’s other giant, Iguazú Falls. I can only guess that it’s the remoteness of this Venezuelan national treasure that has kept it off the typical traveller’s radar – but that’s no bad thing as it means that mass tourism has yet to touch the area. There are no fences, no tacky souvenir stalls, and best of all, no crowds. Flying overhead in a light aircraft or approaching the base of the falls in a canoe, surrounded by table mountains, you can truly recapture the sense of astonishment that Jimmie Angel, the American pilot who crash-landed here in the 30s, must have felt as he first caught sight of this unique natural wonder.”
Tom Parrott, Marketing

2. Brazil's Far Northeast

Brazil is a huge country, and with most visitors wanting to experience Rio de Janeiro and Iguazú Falls it’s not surprising that few of them get quite as far as the northeast – it’s nearer to Africa than it is to the far south of Brazil! But trust me, it’s well worth the journey, with incredibly beautiful colonial cities, river deltas teeming with bird life, lagoon-filled dune landscapes and a coastal necklace of the most charming, laid-back beach towns you could hope to string your hammock up in.”
Laura Rendell-Dunn, Marketing

3. Colombia


Colombia gets a bad press over here, but its reputation is out of date. In fact, seemingly everyone who visits is so pleasantly surprised by their experiences that they come home raving about the country to anyone who’ll listen – possibly the only downside of going to Colombia! A big part of this is down to the Colombian people, who are unfalteringly warm and welcoming and who really make a holiday here feel like a stay amongst friends. But that aside, Colombia also has far more than its fair share of outstanding natural beauty in the form of unspoiled Caribbean shores, valleys blanketed in lush foliage and in my opinion perhaps the most beautiful stretch of the Andes. Add to that the evocative remains of ancient civilisations; colonial cities that still echo with the ghosts of Spanish lords and marauding pirates; and an omnipresent, hip-swinging salsa beat and you’ve got a destination that simply leaves nothing to be desired.”
Lina Fuller, Travel Consultant

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Day of the Dead

All too often, Mexico City is written off as a polluted megalopolis to skip through on your way to other destinations in Mexico. But it’s time the record was set straight! Not only is it immersed in history – the ruins of the former capital of the Aztec empire sit alongside the modern-day main square – but it’s also bursting with culture, from public spaces filled with art and music to one of the world’s finest collections of artefacts, in the form of the unparalleled Anthropology Museum. Plus, on every street square you can find delicious and inexpensive tacos and tortas to give you all the energy you need to keep exploring.”
Rafe Stone, Product Manager

5. Northern Peru

Gocta Falls

If the scenery and historical sites of northern Peru were transplanted to most other countries they would be the star attractions, but with Machu Picchu to compete with in the south, this area gets unjustly overlooked. Those who do venture further north than Lima however will be richly rewarded with mind-bending mountain landscapes, timeless local cultures and the well-preserved archaeological remains of pre-Inca civilisations stretching back across millennia. Some of the many highlights include the adobe village of Chan Chan, the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, and world-class treks in the cordilleras near Huaraz, where mountain trails wind past turquoise glacial lakes and enormous snowy mountains. The Huayhuash trek here is the best I’ve done in my life – never have I felt so surrounded by mountains (and I was brought up in the French Alps!)”
Isabelle Mazille, Product Manager

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