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Aceite (de oliva) (Olive) oil
Aceituna Olive
Aderezo Dressing, condiment, seasoning
Agridulce Sweet and sour
Agua (con/sin gas) (Sparkling/still) water
Aguacate Avocado – Mexico and Central America
Ahumado/a Smoked
Ají Chilli pepper
Ajo Garlic
Ajonjoli Sesame
Ajiaco Potato and chicken stew
Albóndiga Meat ball
Alcachofa Artichoke
Alfajores Biscuit with sweet filling
Almendra Almond
Almeja Mussel, clam
Almuerzo (del dia) (Set) lunch
Ananás Pineapple
Anchoa Anchovy
Anchoveta Anchovy
Anguila Eel
Anticucho Meat (often beef heart) skewer –  Peru
Apio Celery
Apanado/a Breaded, flattened steak or chicken fillet
Arenque Herring
Arepas (Usually filled) corn bread pockets
Aresancocho Meat soup – Peru
Arrollado/a Rolled (as in Swiss roll)
Arrebosado/a In batter
Arroz Rice
Arroz con leche Rice pudding
Arveja Pea
Atún Tuna
Asado Selection of barbecued meats
Asado/a Roasted/barbecued
Ave Poultry
Avena Oats
Avellana Hazelnut
Azafrán Saffron
Azucar Sugar
Bacalao Cod (often salted)
Bagre Catfish
Batata Sweet potato, yam – Argentina
Batido Smoothie, shake
Bebida Drink
Berenjena Aubergine
Bien cocido / bien hecho Well done
Bife / biftek / bistek Steak
Bocadillo Snack, sandwich
Bola Ball
Bollo Croquette
Brocheta Skewer, kebab
Buen provecho Bon appetit
Budin Pudding
Cabrito Kid goat
Cacahuete Peanut – Mexico
Cacerola Casserole
Café Coffee
(Café) cortado Coffee with a small amount of milk
Café con leche Coffee with a large amount milk
Calabacín Marrow
Calabacita Courgette
Calabaza Pumpkin, marrow
Caldo Broth (often seafood)
Callos Tripe
Caliente Hot, warm
Calamares Squid
Camarones Prawns, shrimps, crayfish
Canasta Basket (eg of bread)
Canela Cinnamon
Canelones Cannelloni pasta
Cangrejo Crab
Carapulcra Dried potato and pork stew – Peru, Bolivia
Carbonada Meat stew with fruit – Chile, Peru
Carne Meat
Carne de res Beef
Carta de vinos Wine list
Cáscara Skin, peel
Casco Shell
Castaña Chestnut
Causa Mashed potato dish, usually with seafood and mayonnaise
Caymito Orange fruit with succulent flesh
Cazuela Thick stew or casserole
Cebada Barley
Cebolla Onion
Cebolletas Chives, spring onions
Cena Dinner
Centeno Rye bread
Centolla King crab – Chile, Argentina
Cerdo Pork
Cerveza Beer
Ceviche/cebiche Fresh fish marinated in lime juice and chilli
Chactado/a Seared
Champiñones Mushrooms
Chancho Pork – Andean region
Chapulines Fried grasshoppers
Charqui / charque Dried meat (jerky)
Chaucha Runner bean
Chaufa Chinese fried rice
Chicha Fermented maize drink
Chicharrones Deep-fried pork pieces
Chifa Chinese-influenced cuisine – Peru
Chilaquiles Spicy tortillas – Mexico
Chino/a Chinese
Chirimoya Custard apple
Chivato/chivo Kid goat
Choclo Corn
Cholga Large mussel
Chopp Draught lager
Choro Mussel
Chuleta Cutlet, chop
Chupe Seafood stew with potato
Churrasco Barbecued or grilled meat
Churros Battered, sugared snacks, similar to doughnuts
Cigales Crayfish
Cilantro Coriander
Ciruela Plum
Cobertura Topping
Coca Coca leaf
Coca Coca Cola
Cocido Thick soup or stew (also: cooked)
Coco Coconut
Coctel Cocktail
Col Cabbage
Cola Tail
Coliflor Cauliflower
Completo Hot dog – Chile
Conchas / conchitas Scallops
Conejo Rabbit
Conserva Jam
Congelado/a Frozen
Corazón Heart
Cordero Lamb, mutton
Corvina Sea bass
Costilla Rib
Crema Cream (also: cream of... soup)
A la criolla Creole-style
Croqueta Croquette
Crudo/a Raw
Cubierto Cover charge
Cuy Guinea pig
Datil Date (fruit)
Desayuno Breakfast
Dorado Mahi mahi (large ocean fish)
Dulce Sweet
Dulce de leche Caramelised condensed milk
Durazno Peach
Escabeche Lightly pickled chicken or fish
Elote Sweetcorn – Mexico
Empanada Pasty
Empanado/a Breaded
Encebollado/a With onions
Enchilado/a With chillis
Ensalada Salad
En su tinta In its own ink (squid)
Entradas Starters
Envuelto/a Wrapped
Espárragos Asparagus
Espinaca Spinach
Estofado Stew
Fiambre Cooked cold meats
Fideos Noodles
Frambuesa Raspberry
Frances French
Fresa Strawberry
Frijoles (refritos) (Refried) beans
Fritanga Grilled pork
Fritas Chips (fries)
Fruta Fruit
Frutos de mar Seafood
Frutilla Strawberry – Argentina, Chile
Galleta Biscuit
Gallina Chicken
Gamba King prawn
Ganso Goose
Garbanzo Chickpea
Gaseosa Fizzy drink
Gelatina Jelly
Glaseado/a Glazed
Guajalote Turkey – Mexico
Guayaba Guava
Guiso Gravy, stew
Al gusto As you like it
Habas Broad beans
Hamburguesa Hamburger
a la Hawaiiana With pineapple
Helado Ice cream (also: frozen)
Hervido/a Boiled
Hielo Ice
Hierba Herb
Higado Liver
Higo Fig
Hongos Mushrooms
Al horno Oven-baked
A la huancaína In a cheese and chilli sauce – Peru
Huevo Egg
Huevo frito Fried egg
Huevo pasado/cocido Soft/hard-boiled egg
Huevos revueltos Scrambled egg
Impuesto Tax, VAT
Jalea Fried mixed seafood – Peru (elsewhere: jelly)
Jamón Ham
A la jardinera With mixed veg (and usually mayonnaise)
Jarabe Syrup
Jarra Jar, carafe
Jengibre Ginger
Jeréz Sherry
Jugo Juice
Judia Bean
Jugoso/a Rare (juicy)
Keke / queque Cake (usually sponge)
Langosta Lobster
Langostino Crayfish or prawn
Lasaña Lasagne
Lechón Suckling pig
Lechuga Lettuce
Legumbres Vegetables
Lengua Tongue
Lenguado Sole
Lenteja Lentil
Licuado Mixed fruit juice (often with milk)
Lima Lime
Limón Lemon (can also be lime)
Limonada Lemonade
Locro Thick soup or stew with corn or potato
Lomo / lomito High-quality beef
Lomo saltado Stir-fry of beef, chips and vegetables – Peru
Lúcuma Sweet fruit (often used in ice cream) – Peru, Chile
Macarrones Macaroni
A la madrileña In tomato sauce
Mani Peanut (except Mexico)
Mantequilla Butter
Manzana Apple
A la marinera With seafood
Mariscos Seafood
Matambre Meat roll
Medialuna Croissant – Argentina
Mermelada Jam
(A la) milanesa Breadcrumbed
Mole (poblano) Chilli and chocolate sauce (usually with chicken or turkey) – Mexico
Molido/a Minced
Morcilla Black pudding or blood sausage
Mostaza Mustard
Nabo Turnip
Naranja Orange
Nuez Nut (especially walnut)
Ossobuco Small veal cutlets – Argentina
Ostra Oyster
Palmito Palm heart
Palta Avocado – South America
Pan Bread
Pankeke / panqueque Pancake
Panecillo Roll
Pan tostado Toast
Papa Potato
Papa a la huancaína Boiled potato in cheese and chilli sauce
Papa rellena Stuffed potato
Papas fritas Chips (fries)
Papas sancochadas Boiled potatoes
A la parrilla / parillado/a Grilled
Pasas Raisins
Pastel Pastry, cake
Patita/patitos Trotter
Pato Duck
Pavo Turkey
Pecho / pechuga Breast (poultry)
Pepino Cucumber
Perejil Parsley
Pera Pear
Pescado Fish
Picante Spicy
Picarones Sweet batter rings served with honey
Pimentón Pepper (capsicum)
Piña Pineapple
Pisco Peruvian/Chilean grape brandy
Plátano Banana, plantain
A lo pobre (Steak) with onions, topped with fried egg
A la polaca Polish-style
Pollo Chicken
Pomelo Grapefruit
Porción Helping, portion
Porotos Beans – Argentina, Chile
Postre Dessert
Puerco Pig, pork
Pulpo Octopus
Puré Mashed potato
Quesadilla Folded, grilled tortilla with cheese – Mexico
Queso Cheese
Queso fundido Melted cheese (like fondue)
Rábano Radish
Rabo Tail
Rabo de buey Oxtail
Rallado Desiccated, grated
Rebozado/a Battered
Refresco Soft drink
Relleno/a Stuffed
Repollo Cabbage – Chile
Res Beef
Róbalo Haddock
Rocoto relleno Stuffed chillis – Peru
Riñon Kidney
Ron Rum
Sal Salt
Salado/a Salted
Salchicha Sausage
Salpicón Chopped veg and shredded beef
Salsa Sauce
Saltado/a Chopped up
Sancochado Inexpensive meat stew
Sandía Watermelon
Seco de... Single piece of stewed meat without juices
Semilla Seed
Setas Wild mushrooms
Shop / Schopp Draught beer
Sopa Soup
Submarino Hot chocolate – Argentina, club sandwich – Ecuador
Sudado de... Stew of...
Suprema de pollo Chicken supreme
Surtido/a Assorted
Taco Filled Mexican tortilla
Tacu tacu Stir-fry of rice, beans, peppers and onions
Tallarines Spaghetti, noodles
Timbal Meat pie
Tocino Bacon
Tomate Tomato
Toronja Grapefruit
Torta Rich cake – not Mexico; sandwich (often made with tortillas) – Mexico
Tortilla Omelette – not Mexico; corn or wheat flatbread – Mexico
Tostadas Toast (plural)
Uva Grape
Al vapor Steamed
Verduras Vegetables
Vino (tinto/blanco) (Red/white) wine
Yema Egg yolk
Yuca Cassava, manioc
Zanahoria Carrot
Zapallo Pumpkin
Zarzo/zarzamora Blackberry

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