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March 18th, 2015

Best Brazilian Beers

Brazil is the third largest market for beer, its beer at all times and on all occasions!

The beer brewing industry in Brazil dates back to the German immigration which took place in the early nineteenth century.

As a beer-drinking Marketing team, we have compiled a list of our favourite Brazilian beers. Take a read…

  • Skol  

A national favourite, you’ll see it everywhere. For the serious beer drinkers it might be considered a bit weak, but it’s a delightful treat on a sunny day in Brazil. Skol is also a brand of ice-creams and more recently of Easter eggs!

“It’s a family favourite, enjoyed on the beach and when celebrating!” says Barbara

  • Itaipava

In a recent poll, on the Itaipava website I must add, 54% of Brazilians drink Itaipava beer. Bizarrely they have a couple of their own bars which only sell Itaipava beers, of which they have ten or so variations. The bars are in Botafogo, Rio and Barretos, Sao Paulo. Of all the different options, the Itaipava Chopp wins our vote!

“You can’t beat an ice cold Itaipava while lazing on the beach!” says Tom

  • Brahma

Sold in more than 15 countries globally, it is also the tenth most consumed beer in the world. A trendy brand renowned for its adverts, albeit occasionally risqué! The adverts are highly acclaimed having won awards at the Cannes Film Festival. It is proud to be the oldest Brazilian beer still in production. It is an easy to drink beer with a slightly creamy feel. Typically cheap and light.

“I like being able to drink Brahma back in England, it brings back holiday memories!” says Abi

  • Saint Bier

Saint Bier is found in southern Brazil, in Santa Catarina. Initially they wanted to name the brewing company Cerveza Santa Catarina but there is a water company called Agua Santa Catarina, so they had to settle for the English and German translation of Saint Bier. It’s a strong beer compared to others out in Brazil.

“Most tasty of all the Brazilian beers...” says Claire.

  • Antarctica

This light-bodied beer claims to be the first Brazilian beer. It pours a pale golden colour with a huge bubble white head, very aesthetically pleasing. This beer is sold everywhere across Brazil, it famously sponsors everything at Carnival including street festivals and concerts. One of the cheaper beers costing 2 reals from street vendors.  

“I suspect I initially fell for the penguins (on the label) but since I haven’t looked back!” says Mary

  • Bohemia

Bohemia is a Brazilian brewery, founded in 1853. Simply due to its historical significance it’s a great option when enjoying an authentic Brazilian dish. Bohemia has different types of beers to represent different countries, so the English-style beer uses an English recipe.

“My drink of choice at local bars while watching the sun go down!” says Jen


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