Hacienda Temozon



It has a striking walk-in swimming pool with a bar at one end.

It oozes a dilapidated charm, sometimes a little tired, especially in comparison to the others (all high standard).

 The rooms are in the old yet fully-renovated cattle sheds. Used to be named according to what the room was used for – unfortunately that has now been scrapped. Huge lovely grand spacious rooms - two double beds just for me!

Within our group this hacienda was more popular with the boys/men than the girls/women.

Ample services and attractions; a swimming pool, a tennis court (under renovation), a spa, private cenote (accessed by a donkey and cart ride), a small church and outdoor barbeque/dining area.


 In short: Traditional, grand elegant – slightly scruffy round the edges. The most activities/things to do on site.

Location: 1 hour south of Mérida.


Hacienda Santa Rosa

It has the best food of them all – gourmet, top notch and delicious. E.g. my starter was a pork and herb dumpling in the centre of my bowl, which was then surrounded by a rich, cheese soup poured out of a tea pot.

High attention to detail with everything – especially food.

Offers cooking demonstrations and classes (even to non residents, so you could drop in one lunchtime).

It has a unique one acre of botanical garden full of medicinal plants. Run by local apothecary, Victor. These herbs and plants are used to cure the neighbouring area.

Smaller (11 rooms) therefore more intimate.

A pool to die for set in and around the arches of an existing (/fully restored) colonial building.


In short: Stunning, small boutique and polished. A favourite of mine. Charming, welcoming staff.

Location: 1 hour southwest of Mérida.


Hacienda Uayamon



This is by far the most striking and magnificent.

The various buildings (rooms, main house etc) are set in lush tropical jungle. Feels the most authentic.

It is the most private – rooms are separated and dotted about.

Have to mention the incredible, towering tree in the front garden which shapes the property – can act as a private dining spot.

The manager, Gilberto, has been at Uayamon since it set up 15 years ago.

The pristine and inviting pool is set in a dilapidated old building – it is a peaceful and beautiful area. Pool beds and towels are immaculately clean and always laid out ready for use.


In short: I would fly all the way back to Mexico just to stay here!

Location: 2 hours south of Mérida.

Hacienda Campeche

Set in the quaint, colourful town of Campeche. Within the city walls. Therefore is a completely different experience to the out of town haciendas.

A pleasant 15 minute stroll past shops and cafes from the centre of town.

Extremely cosy and atmospheric.

You need to be in the know with regards to which room you choose – majority have inner facing windows. No.10 is my top tip.

The best swimming pool, in the former storage cellar with hammocks and pillars dotted about it.


In short: An atmospheric, snug, boutique hotel walking distance from the centre of town which is a welcomed treat after the other out of town haciendas.  I would combine this hacienda with an out of town one.

Location: 2 hours southwest of Mérida.


Hacienda San Jose

A maze of magical, stone paved walkways lined with flowers.

Its USP is that you have the option to stay in their Mayan Villas – authentic Mayan Palapas transformed into romantic, cosy, rounded bungalows. 

Highest rated on Trip Advisor.

Private feel as rooms are separated. Clean, polished and friendly.

Although there are 15 rooms, it feels smaller and more contained than Temozon and Uayamon.

Swimming pool (although under renovation when I visited) was stunning with hammocks at one end and a bar.


In short: Most similar to Santa Rosa (might be best to visit one or the other). Equally charming, peaceful and precious.

Location: 1 hour west of Mérida.


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