Bird Watching

Latin America isn’t the place to spot large mammals: you aren’t going to find the equivalent of South Africa’s Big Five here – though jaguar or puma sighting would be the highlight of any wildlife lover’s visit.

Where the continent comes into its own, however, is with its birdlife. Over 50% of the world’s species breed or migrate here. Bird watching in South America allows you to cover the vast range of environments, landscapes and climates, from tropical jungles to sun-scarred deserts and mountains groaning with ice; both remote and urban; cultivated and pristine, support birds in their hundreds and thousands.

You will see them on all on one of our bird watching tours across Central and South America, perched on a windowsill, a craggy cliff, a ruined temple. But for those of you who have a general interest in identifying birds, or are well-informed, serious twitchers, or are wildlife photography enthusiasts, we have designed a number of holidays with qualified naturalist guides which will satisfy your hunger for sightings of some of the most exotic, winged creatures on the globe.

Explore Peru’s incredible birdlife on a journey from the Andes to the Amazon on our Peru birdlife: Machu Picchu to pristine Amazon holiday. With a breathtaking diversity of altitudes, landscapes and ecosystems, Peru is home to over 1,800 species of birds.

Or discover the rich bird – and wild – life of the Galápagos Islands on our Signature Galapagos holiday. Enjoy a nautical experience around the islands to see the greatest wildlife show on Earth and follow in Darwin’s footsteps.

For another example of a country that hosts an abundance of bird – and wild – life just waiting to be revealed to you, we turn to the tropical forest and steaming wetlands of Brazil. On our Brazil wildlife: Iguazu, Pantanal and Amazon holiday, you’ll visit the incredible Iguazú Falls, stay at an eco-lodge in the Pantanal wetlands and sail the black waters of Rio Negro on a traditional-style wooden craft in Amazonia.

With these dedicated bird watching holidays in mind, contact our Travel Experts if you would like to discuss your next holiday to Latin America. At Journey Latin America, we have almost 40 years of experience in planning trips to Central, South America and Antarctica, so put your trust in us to plan your next holiday.

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