Beach retreats

The Latin American coastline harbours countless slices of paradise in which to while away blissful days of uninterrupted relaxation. If you crave replenishing sunshine and tranquillity, let your cares drift away on the ocean breeze as you soak up the rays on the white sands of a jaw-droppingly beautiful beach, swing in a hammock in the shade of swaying palms or sip a cocktail beside the pool.

Our favourite beach hideaways combine idyllic surroundings with an effortlessly chic ambience and discreet, personalised service. While often unashamedly luxurious, they may be understated in style with minimalist or rustic touches and a relaxed barefoot vibe. Should you wish to do nothing but unwind you've come to the right place, however if your companion isn't one for sunbathing there are usually numerous sports and cultural activities that will keep even the most restless travellers occupied. Whatever you want from a beach retreat, these special hotels provide a haven where the stresses of everyday life will simply melt away in the balmy tropical climate.

Many of our clients choose to combine cultural sightseeing with a beach-stay at the end of their trip like on our Explore and relax in Costa Rica: Volcanoes to the beach private journey - you'll be exploring beautiful landscapes in the shadow of Arenal volcano and spending the last couple of days relaxing on the beach resort of Nicoya Peninsula. For a real adventure why not learn more about our Off-the-beaten-track Brazil: Dunes and lagoons of Lençois Maranhenses which will see you walking charming cobbled streets and discovering stunning lagoons and quiet islets.

Book a beach holiday to Central and South America by contacting our Travel Experts at Journey Latin America. We have 40 years of experience in arranging award-winning trips, so you can trust us to arrange your next holiday.

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Flexible, custom-made holidays to Latin America created to match your exact requirements: our tailor-made itineraries are as unique as the clients for whom they are designed.

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