Ride the Copper Canyon railway

The burnt ochre rock faces of the Copper Canyon are the setting for one of the most spectacular rail journeys on the planet, penetrating into the Sierra Madre mountains and Sonora desert. There are no roads in the Copper Canyon, the only way to view the wild and dramatic scenery is from the carriage of a train.

Whether clinging to sheer cliff walls, sailing across ravines or slicing through the inaccessible mountainside, the railway line provides an unrivalled vantage point over the striking terrain as the landscape transforms from snow-dusted peaks smothered in conifers to subtropical citrus groves.

Los Mochis is the starting point of the full rail journey, before a stunning ride of hairpin bends, bridges and tunnels transports you to the most dramatic section of the canyon at Divisadero, where you can disembark to spend the night at a hotel perched right on the canyon edge. It's also possible to take the train in the opposite direction, starting in Chihuahua. As of 2018, there are two rail services, varying in degree of comfort. Depending on which service you choose and where you embark and disembark, the trip can take from five hours to several days. 

You might choose to upgrade to the Chepe Express, a more luxurious service starting at Creel.