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18th century conversion with beautiful, rustic gardens and courtyards and a prime location in a quiet yet central spot.

This 18th century building is one of the town's oldest, with white adobe walls and hand-carved beam ceilings. The hotel Cascavieja is located in a quiet spot, yet within easy walking distance of the main square.

The cosy rooms surround a small, tranquil courtyard. Outdoor areas are enchantingly overgrown and rustic with vine-cloaked stonework and antique fountains surrounded by plants.

The décor is in keeping with the building's colonial origins, featuring wooden and wrought iron furniture and finishing. Across the road is the restaurant, serving traditional Mexican dishes.

Bartolome, Galápagos

What our clients say

  • Most Memorable Moment?: The awesome encounter with a grey whale mother and calf.

    WS, London
  • Highlights?: The serenity at Uxmal and the delightful city of Oaxaca

    MF, London
  • "The tours provided were everything that we hoped, with the tour guides very good."

    GS, Rayleigh
  • Most memorable experiences: "Visiting our parents' house in Lomas de Chapultepec. Francisco persuaded the owners that we were genuine, which was quite an achievement. In sightseeing terms it is difficult to compare, for instance, the domestic and artistic life of Frieda Kahlo with the pyramids of Teotihuacan! We chose to go to all the places on our itinerary and all of them were memorable. Perhaps Monte Alban was the most mind blowing because I had no particular expectations of it, unlike Chichen Itza of which I had seen many pictures."

    HG, Sherborne
  • Most Memorable Experience: The visits to sights and cities open our eyes to a culture that is underrated in Europe.  Security is perceived as a problem in Mexico.  Yes there is a noticeable police presence, in comparison with the UK, but we never felt threatened

  • Highlights: Discovering and enjoying the Mexican culture and despite pre visit warnings, being so surprised that Mexico City is nothing like as dangerous a place to visit as I had expected.

    Cw, Macclesfield
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