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Baltra is a small island which hosts the islands’ principal airport and offers public transport to Puerto Ayora by bus and ferry as well as private transfers for visitors.

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Bartolome (Bartholomew)

A walk to the summit of this small island reveals a pitted moonscape; one of the most photographed panoramas in the archipelago. There are views of the island's twisted lava formations and the sea-sculpted Pinnacle Rock, smothered with Galápagos penguins and marine turtles.

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Espanola (Hood)

There’s a huge variety of birds and reptiles, nesting or on the cliffs. Some species (eg. The waved albatross) aren’t seen elsewhere. There’s a spectacular blowhole: spray shoots 30m high.

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Fernandina (Narborough)

An active volcanic island with frequent eruptions. Its steep flanks, streaked with successive lava flows, are arid; marine iguanas gather in their thousands. There’s an interesting shore-line trail.

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Floreana (Charles)

Pirates and whalers dropped anchor here.  Visit Post Office Bay, where a barrel served as mailbox to send letters home and snorkel around Devil’s Crown, a part-submerged crater.  

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Genovesa (Tower)

Inside the sunken caldera birds are visible in their thousands: you can hike along the rim. Snorkel with hammerhead sharks or cruise along the cliff ledges to rocky steps named after HRH Prince Philip.

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Isabela (Albemarle)

The island has five active volcanoes linked by arid, twisted lava flows.  Its cliffs and bays are ideal for exploration by boat and for hikes, and snorkelling is top-notch here.

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North Seymour

Covered with boulders and low bushy vegetation.  You can watch the courting mating and nesting rituals here of frigate birds and boobies, stroll on the beach or snorkel.

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Plaza Islands

There’s a cactus forest populated by land iguanas and vegetation which changes colour from green in the rainy season to orange in the dry. Go hiking, birdwatching, swimming and snorkelling.

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Rabida (Jervis)

This small island has a red coral sand beach and a saltwater flamingo lagoon. It’s studded with small volcanic craters along sharp slopes and cliffs. There’s a bird-flecked trail leading inland.

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San Cristobal Island (Chatham)

The Interpretation Centre, where you learn about the history of the islands, is in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the  capital. Isla Lobos is a dramatic outcrop living up to its name "sea lion island”.

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Santa Cruz Island (Indefatigable)

Over 12,000 residents live in Puerto Ayora with services for visitors who board cruise vessels or stay in hotels and in the highlands There are lava tunnels to explore and giant tortoises to spot roaming wild in the mountains.

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Santa Fe (Barrington)

An exquisite island with a turquoise lagoon. Some of the giant cacti here grow 10m high. Some rocks are 4 million years old. A couple of trails lead past sea-lion colonies inland.

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Santiago Island (James)

A favourite for pirates and whalers.  There are outstanding opportunities for bird-spotting.  Stroll around the rock pools or climb Sugar Loaf volcano for views from its summit.

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Sombrero Chino (Chinese Hat)

The distinctive shape of this tiny volcanic cone island gave birth to its name. There's a trail  around the shore where you can walk among marine iguanas.

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