Wildlife-spotting in Los Llanos


Observe the abundant wildlife of the savannahs and wetlands of the Llanos in eastern Colombia. 

One of the marvels of wildlife viewing in the prairies and wetlands of Los Llanos in Colombia and Venezuela is the ease with which you will observe a real cornucopia of birds, mammals and reptiles. Unlike the tropical rainforests of the Amazon and Orinoco basins, these savannahs are sparsely covered with high level vegetation, so all the creatures endemic to the region are exposed to view.

Set out on a safari, guided walk or horseride from one of the welcoming hatos (ranches) which occupy the region at any time of the year and you are bound to be blown away by not only the variety of species but also of the sheer numbers. Your guide will help you identify the species – a task facilitated by the animals trusting and curious nature - as in the Galápagos islands, they have no reason to fear the human being as a predator.

In a typical three day stay, you will see some and maybe all of the following (as we did on our last visit): capybaras, howler monkeys, deer, tortoises, anteaters, anacondas, armadillos, caimans, crocodiles, sloth, frogs and iguanas. The list of bird species is endless, including toucans, garzas (egrets and herons: notable for congregating in garceros in massive numbers), macaws, spoonbills, scarlet ibises, jabiru storks, kestrels, whistling ducks, doves, lapwings and burrowing owls. The spectacle is without comparison on the continent: even the Brazilian Pantanal struggles to compete.

The Colombian llanos