Explora Patagonia National Park

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The Aisén region in northern Patagonia is ideal Explora territory. One of Chile’s final frontiers, those who make the effort to get here are amply rewarded by a bounty of scenery and nature on a par with Patagonia’s better-known, more visited highlights.

This addition to Explora’s luxury portfolio of remote lodges is a 6-7hr drive south of Balmaceda airport, through a seemingly cinematic succession of views along the Carretera Austral highway. The newly created Patagonia National Park was a donation to the Chilean people by the Tompkins Conservation Foundation, established by Douglas and Kristine Tompkins. With just 13 guest rooms and suites there is an exclusive, intimate feel to Explora’s smallest property, which includes the classic ingredients of Explora's signature wilderness experiences throughout.  Explora Patagonia National Park offers superb guided activities by day and, after a day in the great outdoors, a cosy retreat with ample space to relax, recharge and socialise, high-end cuisine and the most comfortable lodgings available in this far-flung corner of Patagonia.

Patagonia National Park is remote, but Explora can make it easier with a charter flight between nearby Cochrane (approx 45 minutes from the lodge) for those who wish to take a scenic flight from Torres del Paine or Balmaceda.

Bartolome, Galápagos

What our clients say

  • Each separate part of the trip was excellent. Patagonia most memorable for scenery and Easter Island for history and scenery.

    RR, Aberdeen
  • Most memorable experiences: "First sight of San Pedro. Hiring our own car and being alone with the flamingos on the salt lagoons. The Milky Way in the Atacama night sky.…

    DA, Northallerton
  • Highlights:- Chile was just fantastic, and we thoroughly enjoyed our experiences in both Patagonia and Atacama. Really quite memorable. 

  • The Alto Plano of Bolivia was striking. Torres del Paine national park too was memorable as was Perito Moreno glacier. 

  • Highlight?: Easter Island - amazing place - very good food, hardly any tourists and extraordinary history/statues etc. We could easily have stayed an extra night there. I would strongly recommend…

    CK, Ashtead
  • The picnic by Lake Pehoe provided by The Singular was exceptional- totally exceeded our expectations. 

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Our Expert's Opinion

The 1-hour flight that links the Explora properties in Torres del Paine and Patagonia National Park is one of the most scenic journeys in Latin America. Flying in comfort with a birds’ eye view of the vast South American Ice Field, Mount Fitzroy and incredible glacier-filled valleys far below was nothing short of breathtaking. Landing in Cochrane, just 45-minutes drive from Patagonia National Park meant we also made the very most of our time here, rather than losing a day or more taking various scheduled flights and long transfers to reach this remote and beautiful region.

SW Chile Oct 2023 – Copy
Stuart Whittington Product & Marketing Stuart was a tour leader in South America before taking on senior positions at several tour operators. He has a deep love for Latin America and Antarctica.


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Bartolome, Galápagos

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