Brazil Salvador, Lencois and the beaches of Bahia

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When's the best time to visit Salvador, Lencois and the beaches of Bahia?

Salvador and the northeastern beaches are all-year destinations, hot and humid with most rain falling from Mar to Jul. The Chapada Diamantina is also hot (27-32°C) all year round with most rain Nov to Mar. Dec-Feb and Jul are local holiday times, and will be busy in Salvador and on the beaches.

What is the official language of Salvador, Lencois and the beaches of Bahia?

Brazilian Portuguese, a more languid and musical version of Portugal’s mother tongue.

What's the local currency in Salvador, Lencois and the beaches of Bahia?

Notes can be withdrawn from the many ATMs of Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and HSBC using a UK credit or debit card. There are international ATMs in the Pelourinho, the beach at Barra and at the airport. There are ATMs in Lençóis. Limits may be lower than your UK bank allows. ATMs close at 10pm.

What's the time difference between Salvador, Lencois, the beaches of Bahia and UK?

UTC -3 hours. The daylight saving from Oct to the end of Feb (approx) was discontinued in 2019.

What places combine well with Salvador, Lencois and the beaches of Bahia?

You can travel direct from Lençóis to the popular beaches such as Praia do Forte. Recife and Olinda (675 km, are 1 hour away by air). The chic beach resort at Trancoso is close to Porto Seguro (1 hour 10mins flight south from Salvador).

How do I get to Salvador, Lencois and the beaches of Bahia?

There are flights from UK to Salvador with a change of ‘plane in Portugal or Spain. Average flight time is 12 hours 40mins. It’s a 2 hour flight from Rio de Janeiro. Lençóis is a 7 hr drive from Salvador, or a 1hr flight.

What are the cultural and sporting events in Salvador and Lencois?

Carnival in Salvador: 5 days in Feb/Mar, variable.The second largest in Brazil, with street processions, live bands playing Bahian pop music (axé and pagode), costume balls, over-indulgence and general frivolity.

Festa de Iemanjá: 2 Feb annually, Praia Rio Vermelho just outside Salvador. The biggest festival of candomblé (mix of African religious beliefs and Catholicism) with boat processions and live music.


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