Past Charity Work

Over the years we have enjoyed supporting a number of small local charities which benefit a great deal from our financial support. We encourage our clients to make a small, optional contribution when booking a holiday in an effort to make a real difference to people across Latin America so it’s thanks to you that we have been able to help the following projects:

Lake Atitlan Stove Project, Guatemala

From 2012 to 2017, we supported an innovative programme managed by the NGO ‘Tu’ik Ruch Lew’ (‘Helping the Earth’) which supplied fuel-efficient stoves to communities around Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. More than 700 of these stoves were installed in family homes over the years, greatly reducing the risk of fires, acute respiratory infection, carbon monoxide poisoning, burns and eye infections – all of which were very real dangers for many people cooking over a traditional open-fire pit in poorly ventilated rooms.

The stoves are 70% more efficient at burning wood so they also have a positive effect on the environment by reducing deforestation. On average families saved two days per week previously spent gathering firewood. This new-found time afforded the opportunity to engage in other activities to benefit the communities. All of the stoves were manufactured locally within Guatemala, which meant the project also created employment for many people.

GUA_OnilStoveProject_Isa Manuel_Free

Maya Nut Tree Project, Guatemala

Between 2010 and 2011 we planted almost 5,000 Maya nut trees in the Petén area of Guatemala.
The reforestation programme helped preserve habitats for wildlife, whilst also providing local communities with a nutritious and plentiful food source. The trees are also valued for their medicinal properties and for the leaves, which provide an alternative to grass pasture for livestock.

Solar Panels in Kuna Yala, Panama

Over the course of 2 years (2007-2009), we installed solar panels within 21 remote communities, principally in health centres, schools and communal public buildings. This enabled people to attend adult education evening classes, community and social gatherings and to visit the health centre outside of working hours, whilst also reducing local carbon emissions and noise pollutions.

Dental Project Peru

Dental Project Peru supplied dental treatment to communities in the Apurimac region of Peru.
Poor dental hygiene can impact people’s everyday lives and can lead to a lack of school attendance; this charity sought to teach local people about the importance of dental hygiene. We encouraged clients to get involved by sending them out with a toothbrush and encouraging them to donate.

New Life Mexico

New Life Mexico supported thousands of children who have been abused physically, emotionally and sexually by addressing their health and education needs.

Que Rico!

Que Rico! was a grassroots charity in Bolivia, which helped to fund the care of children burn victims, a common tragedy in a country where cooking on open fires is common practice in poorer households.

A few more things to be proud of:

Following catastrophic forest fires in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, at the beginning of 2012, we participated in Reforestemos Patagonia’s programme of replanting native trees in national parks and reserves which were affected by fires, by donating a tree for every booking to the region that we made that season.

On 16th April 2016 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the northwestern Pacific coast of Ecuador. This tragic event took the lives of hundreds of people and thousands were injured. We elected to support a local initiative aimed at providing portable solar energy kits to help some of those left without power, and made a donation to provide 12 of these kits on behalf of Journey Latin America. We also encouraged clients and the wider community to donate independently.



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