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Rio de Janeiro

Originally from Colombia, Henry is a longstanding member of our Ticketing department who has been with the company since 2000, having previously lived in Paris and Bogotá. What he loves most about his home country is the emphasis on dancing, a passion which he shares with many of his countrymen. Henry is a fantastic salsa dancer and enjoys the lively musical atmosphere found across South America.

Apart from Colombia, he rates Brazil as his favourite Latin American destination due to the friendliness of the people, exceptional beaches and delicious traditional cuisine – and of course, the incredible culture of music and dance which pervades the whole country.

What Is Your Favourite...


Rio de Janeiro is my favourite because it is a place that offers so many experiences such as music (samba), amazing hikes, incredible views, delicious food, waterfalls and famous beaches, and the locals are very friendly people.


My favourite hotel is Belmond Hotel das Cataratas because of it’s location. It’s a little bit of heaven right next to Iguazú Falls.


A city tour of Rio de Janeiro where you visit Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, Maracana stadium and Escadaria Selaron which not only are some of Brazil’s highlights but also of South America.

Top Travel Tip

Be open-minded and positive. Even the best plans in Latin America can go awry.

Chile Atacama

Top Packing Tip

Leave space in your suitcase. Use the extra room for souvenirs and purchases you make during travel.

Day of the dead

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