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Daniele Binaghi

Daniele Binaghi

Daniele Binaghi

Tour Leaders
Italian born Daniele, an adventurous nomad spirit who's been around the world already once, is not shy with his unwavering passion for Latin America, which has inspired him to travel extensively across the continent – from the cold plains of Tierra del Fuego, through the tropical forests of Brazil, via the remote Guianas, along the Central American volcanoes, to the Yucatán’s temples and pyramids. If you asked him, unsurprisingly he would not be able to pin point a favourite place, as each location under the given circumstances always offers something different, something unique, like a beautiful rainbow over Machu Picchu ruins after a storm, or a cute sloth slowly climbing down its tree for a face-to-face selfie opportunity.

Always full of enthusiasm and interesting stories about this fascinating continent, over the years as a tour leader Daniele has enjoyed a lot of fun and adventures with his groups, although he maintains that his favourite aspect is sharing that extraordinary moment when you stumble upon a sight which people had previously read, heard or dreamt about.

My top tips


As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said once: "He who would travel happily must travel light". Follow his advice, if not mine, and try to pack light; just the bare essentials, essentially. Your shoulders, and the ones of the people who'd need to help you to load, unload and carry around your luggage, will silently thank you.


Learn a few Spanish (or Portuguese for Brazil) phrases or questions as this can lead to unique opportunities. You wouldn't believe how people's attitude changes when you say "hello", "please" and "thank you" in their language.


If you're one of those who don’t only quench their thirst on alcoholic caipirinhas and pisco sours, try an avocado milkshake in Ecuador, a mote con huesillo in Chile, some freshly-made chicha morada in Peru or a glass of flor de jamaica in Central America.

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