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Chris Rendell-Dunn Travel Expert

Anglo-Peruvian Chris grew up in Lima and spent much of his adult life in between London and Cusco as a tour leader, before settling permanently in our London-based Tailor-made and Group Tours sales team.

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Chris was born in Lima and lived there until his A-Levels. He was fortunate enough to grow up with a blend of cultures and traditions that left him enthralled by Latin America, and which has compelled him to return to the continent of his birth on countless occasions. Unsurprisingly, he picked Latin American Studies as his degree specialisation, and used the opportunity to spend a year studying in Mérida, Mexico.

Chris joined Journey Latin America in 1986 as a tour leader, a job which took him all over the region. Chris’s knowledge of Latin America is truly encyclopaedic, and any description of his travels would only scratch the surface. However, some of the highlights include traversing the varied scenery of northern Peru on the roof of a truck; spending five days in a motorised canoe fishing in the jungle; and his first forays along the then-undiscovered coastline around Tulum, Mexico. He is an invaluable Travel Expert in our London-based Tailor-made Holidays and Group Tours sales team.

Chris understood our requirements and put together a sensational itinerary. .

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What Is Your Favourite...


It must be Lima where I was born. With a vibrant and culturally diverse history what really stands out for me is the fabulous cuisine on offer. Being right on the coast the seafood is super fresh and exquisite and then the Andean and Chinese influences make a great fusion.


Hacienda Zuleta close to Otavalo in northern Ecuador sums up the notion of supreme comfort in a truly historical setting. Get an insight of this fabulous property by the owner himself and then enjoy wonderful days out on their fabulous horses or hike to their condor rehabilitation sanctuary close by. Their home cooking is amongst the best I have tried.


I never got round to doing the classic Inca Trail but a few years ago I trekked to the alternative Choquequirao Inca site – stunning scenery, amazing views and only eight other people on the 4-day excursion – truly fabulous!

Top Travel Tip

Avoid peak travel dates if you can. Visiting the southern Andes of Peru in April and May is ideal as the weather is great, the mountains are green and lush, avoid the crowds and take advantage of low season deals often on offer – a win-win outcome!


Top Packing Tip

Pack as light as possible (remember you will be bringing souvenirs home) and layered clothing is best. In the Andes the temperature drop can be quite rapid after sunset so go prepared. And don’t forget your refillable water bottle to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. Many properties now offer purified water stations to fill up on.


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