Where our Travel Experts have been (2022-23)

In addition to our network of local partners, we ensure we stay the UK’s number one specialist to Latin America by frequently sending our Travel Experts across the Atlantic. When travel to Latin America resumed in 2022, we were eager to get them back out there, whether they’d been part of our team for a few months or a few decades.

Familiarisation trips, as we call them, involve staying at the hotels, taking the excursions and tasting the dishes you'll enjoy on your own holiday, so that your trip will be put together by someone in the know.

Here is a brief overview of where everyone has been so far in the last two years, along with links to their Just Back From article so that you can see where they went, their favourite moments and any travel tips they picked up during their time there.


Antarctica: Chris

Argentina: Hannah, Sophie, Paul, Kathryn (honeymoon)


Belize: Charlotte

Brazil: Ben, Lina (Lencois Maranhenses)

Chile: Millie (Atacama Desert, Maipo Valley & Patagonia), Mary (Torres del Paine & Punta Arenas)

Colombia: Millie, Chris, Kathryn (Los Llanos)

Costa Rica: Sally, Hannah Donaldson, Maggie, Juliet and Alex

Ecuador: Charlotte (Amazon), Juliet (Galàpagos included), Mary

Guatemala: Charlotte

Guyana: Lina, Carrie (+ St Lucia)

Mexico: Heloise (Day of the Dead), Kathryn (Baja California)

Peru: Ben (including an Amazon cruise), Heloise