Planning family holidays with teenagers can often be a challenge, particularly if they’re easily-bored. Luckily, Latin America offers some truly unbeatable thrills that all the family will love. Bring the classroom to life by seeing first-hand the exotic wildlife and complex ecosystems of the most biodiverse continent on the planet. Uncover millennia-old mysteries among the crumbling ruins of bygone temples hidden in the jungle. And get adrenaline pumping out in nature with exhilarating active adventures that will challenge and entertain even the surliest of teens.

Using our expert knowledge of the continent, we’ve rounded up the best teenage holiday destinations and activities from across Latin America – action-packed fun is guaranteed.

Stand-up paddle and snorkel through vibrant reefs in Belize

The options for outdoor adventures are endless in Belize. Rappel down mountain ranges, hike through lush rainforest or kayak along pristine coastlines. With the popularity of series like BBC’s Blue Planet, teenagers will be thrilled at the chance to snorkel through teeming reefs and witness tropical marine life through clear waters as they stand-up paddle board.

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Learn to horse ride cowboy-style in Argentina

Roam the glorious sierras and meadows of Cordoba on horseback for a cowboy-style adventure that all the family will love. While staying at the warm, rustic Estancia Los Potreros, teens will learn about the traditional Argentinean way of life and can choose from a stable of 50 well-trained horses to learn to ride on. From high up on the saddle, they’ll take in farms, crystalline streams and dales, with the chance to partake in polo matches too.

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Estancia Los Potreros

Zip-line over jungle canopies in Costa Rica

This treasure trove for nature lovers is brimming with wildlife. Youngsters can soar above the rainforest canopy on a zip-line to take in the jungle from a birds-eye view, whizzing past toucans and monkeys at lightning speed. Combine this with white-water rafting, snorkelling and trekking to volcanoes for an unforgettably action-packed holiday.

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Support the rehabilitation of jaguars at an eco-lodge in Brazil

Eco-conscious teenagers will jump at the chance to support the incredible conservation efforts at the Refugio Ecológico Caiman, located in the wetlands of the Brazilian Pantanal. This eco-lodge donates to the Onçafari project, which rehabilitates endangered jaguars back into the wild. During their stay, teens will get the chance to join a team of researchers to track the big cats which roam in the protected land around the lodge.

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Kayak through a sea-lion colony in Baja California

Speedboat to the uninhabited island of Espíritu Santo in Baja California, where you’ll circumnavigate the island’s many caves, coves and sugar white sand beaches by kayak. Teenagers will spend glorious sunny days snorkelling among whale sharks, sea lions, manta rays and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish, before camping out under a blanket of stars each night.

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Track Pumas in the wilderness of Torres del Paine, Chile

Soaring towers and serrated massifs characterise Torres del Paine National Park, which offers treks for all levels in the wind-swept wilderness. More impressive still is the rich and varied wildlife found here. Shy guanacos graze peacefully, Andean condors wheel overhead and with the help of an experienced tracker, you stand a good chance of sighting a puma. Seeing one of these graceful and powerful creatures first-hand is a truly unforgettable experience.


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Bring Darwin’s theory to life in the Galápagos Islands

The theory of evolution may seem dull when studied in a textbook, but among the giant tortoise, playful sea lions and dragon-like reptiles of the Galápagos Islands, it comes magically to life. Young students will be inspired by up-close encounters with the friendly and often bizarre creatures that live on the volcanic islands. Whether witnessing the comical mating dances of blue-footed boobies or swimming with hammerhead sharks, unique experiences abound in these enchanted isles.

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Discover the mysteries of ancient civilisations in Guatemala

Over 3,000 years ago the Maya settled in the tangled rainforests and misty mountains of Central America. The astronomy and architecture of their civilisation was astoundingly complex: young adults will marvel at the ruins of ornate temples and giant pyramids that stand testament to the Maya’s achievements to this day. Tikal in Guatemala offers particularly dreamlike views, with towering temples emerging from above the rainforest canopy.

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