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Jim Ashworth - Product & Marketing

Jim first caught the Latin American travel bug in 2001 when he decided at the last minute to join a friend travelling around Central America – he hasn't looked back since.


Group Tours Manager Jim tells us all about his recent trip to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

What country did you visit?

El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala

How did you get there?

I flew with American Airlines via Miami from Heathrow

Where did you go?

I spent a few days in San Salvador and Ataco before joining our Alción Group Tour for last 6 days in Suchitoto, Copán and Antigua.

San Salvador,EL SALVADOR

Have you been before?

I had been to Antigua years ago as a backpacker but the rest for me was new.

If so... any notable differences?

Antigua has always been one of the best historic cities in the Americas but now it has added brilliant restaurants, bars and even breweries to its repertoire of attractions.

Which was your favourite...

Place: It was all brilliant, but El Salvador was a lovely surprise and a fantastic country which often gets overlooked.

Hotel: The views from Posada Suchitlán in Suchitoto are hard to beat! But all the hotels on the Alción Tour were spot on.

Excursion:I was really blown away by Copán. The ruins here were far more spectacular than I had imagined and all within an amazing jungle setting.

Copán, one of the most impressive Mayan ruins in Mesoamerica and lies at the eastern limit of the empire.


What was your most memorable moment?

Once again in Copán. This time seeing scarlet macaws soaring through the jungle canopy as we made our way around the temple complex.


Just how friendly and welcoming everyone was! After a few years without tourists, everyone was so happy to have a group back on the road and revisiting their wonderful countries.

What tips do you have for travellers wanting to visit the same destination?

I went in August which weatherwise is often overlooked as a time to visit. But don’t let the sound of the ‘rainy season’ put you off. It might rain in the evening for an hour or so but overall, the sun shines. When it does rain you can shelter with a drink and watch the tropical downpour, which is a highlight in itself.

Is there anything indispensible to pack or prepare for?

Don’t overpack! There are cheap and quick laundry services available everywhere so you can always have fresh clothes within a few hours.

Sum up your trip in one sentence...

Try a few pupusas in El Salvador for a filling and excellent value meal.

Pupusas with served with a cabbage slaw of curtido.

Read more on Alcion: Central America Discovery group tour.


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