Unlike any other place on earth, this year round winter wonderland is simply stunning! The landscape and wildlife provides a beauty that is engraved into ones mind whether you have visited or simply view pictures as I do on a daily basis. To honor this white continent, I have chosen my top 5 favourite Antarctica pictures:

1. Camp on Ice


This image not only captures the vast beauty of Antarctica but also the intense experience of camping on ice.

2. Weddel Sea Pup

Antarctica Penguins

Who knew these pups could be so adorable!

3. Paradise Bay

Antarctica Penguins

The contrast of the blue sea and sky with the pristine white mountains is simply stunning!

4. Iceberg

Antarctica Penguins

Beauty in the simplest form – natural designs formed in the iceberg are astonishing.

5. King Penguin & Nursery


Nature’s answer to Finding Wally, provides another spectacular contrast of colours within a single colony.

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