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Take a look at our top 5 ways to relax in Latin America and fully unwind on your next holiday.

1. Beach Time, Brazil

For most, the perfect relaxation holiday involves lazing with a book on a picture-perfect beach. As if it didn’t have enough to offer already, Brazil is rich in miles of glorious white and ochre palm-studded sand beaches along its coast all the way from Maranhao in the far north east to Rio Grande do Sul on its southern border with Uruguay. With just about every different version of beach available, from uninhabited coastal wilderness backed by jungle to exclusive spas and larger family-friendly resorts, there’s enough beach for everyone.

2. Caribbean Coast, Mexico

Riviera Maya

For those who yearn for nothing more than good old fashioned pampering, it doesn’t get any better than this. Book a stay at the luxury Esencia hotel on Mexico’s Riviera Maya and for every night you spend there you receive the equivalent to the cost of the room in indulgence credits to spend at the hotel. The indulgence credits can be spent on a whole host of pampering spa treatments as well as gourmet dining and drinks. It’s such a great offer you’ll have to tear yourself away from the tranquillity of the spa to visit the nearby Mayan ruins of Cobá and Tulum. (Terms & Conditions apply).

3. Mendoza Wine Region, Argentina

Vineyard in Mendoza

Known as the ‘land of sunshine and good wine’, the area around Mendoza attracts flocks of tourists looking to enjoy its beautiful scenery and wines. The province accounts for almost two thirds of Argentina’s entire wine production; Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Chardonnay its most important plantings. Situated at the foothills of the snow-capped Andean mountains, the region enjoys a perfect climate for the vines to grow and ideal conditions for pleasant tours between its wineries. There are several high quality estancias and wineries (both traditional and contemporary) that produce some of the world’s most prestigious wines. You’ll drift through your days enjoying sophisticated foods and exemplary wine as the sun sets over vast glistening vineyards.

4. Star Gazing, Chile


Chile’s Atacama desert is a dramatic and varied landscape of vast sand dunes, glistening white salt flats, bubbling geysers and hot springs, rugged canyons and volcanoes. But at night a whole new spectacle comes to life. With optimum conditions of high altitude, very few clouds, and virtually no radio interference or light pollution, it’s widely considered to be the best place on earth for star gazing. Alto Atacama offers first-class accommodation and facilities in the Catarpe Valley of the desert, near San Pedro de Atacama. What could be a more peaceful escape from it all than to gaze up at a blanket of stars from the comfort of one of the hotel’s outdoor Jacuzzis?

5. Trek to the End of the World, Argentina


If for you the best way to ‘de-stress’ is to get out in the great outdoors as far away from a ‘9-5’ lifestyle as possible, this is for you. Tierra del Fuego is the main island of the archipelago of the same name off the southern tip of Argentina and is home to the world’s southernmost city, Ushuaia. A wild and stunningly beautiful island of snow-capped mountain ranges, glaciers, lakes, ancient temperate forests and abundant birdlife, it offers epic trekking across completely unspoilt landscapes. Venturing this little-explored land ‘at the end of the world’, you’re sure to clear your mind of the stresses and strains of every-day life. But don’t just take our word for it: “Trekking in Tierra del Fuego was incredible – you felt like you were in total isolation and away from all civilisation in the most beautiful of settings…” (PA, Raynes Park).

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