1. Bleaker Island - Best for deserted beaches

A 30-minute flight from Stanley brings you to the white sand beach landmass of Bleaker Island. You could be fooled into thinking you were in the Caribbean, except you’ll be sharing these white sand beaches with gentoo and Magellanic penguins amongst other feathered guests! Stay in the wonderful new cottage and be one of a handful of residents on the island, making the experience even more exclusive.

2. Carcass Island

Gulls, geese and Cobb’s wren have flourished on Carcass due to it being cat, rat and mouse free! In fact all manner of small bird species can be found here as well as a multitude of other sea and shore birds. Stay in the farmhouse on this attractive island in the northwest of the archipelago. A tip, from Carcass take the boat to West Point Island to see the large colony of black-browed albatross.

3. East Falkland - Best for Falklands' hospitality

Everyone who visits the Falklands is likely sets foot on East Falkland so it felt churlish not to include it within the top five. Whether landing by sea or by air, East Falkland is the main access point for all the islands. Port Stanley, the capital, on East Falkland is where the majority of the local population resides making it the best island to experience the renowned Falklands hospitality with some great restaurants (try the squid at the Malvina House Hotel). A popular day trip for cruise ship visitors is to see the penguins at Bluff Cove where you can sample a traditional ‘smoko’ (similar to an afternoon tea) at the Sea Cabbage Cafe – make sure you try the distinctive diddle-dee jam with fresh cream and home-made scones.

4. Saunders Island - Best for wild walking

Explore the 18th century outpost at Port Egmont and then enjoy a three-hour walk to the Neck – a narrow, sandy strip – where king, gentoo, rockhopper and Magellanic penguins can be seen. Spouting whales and dolphins can often be observed playing in the surf. Walk along the north coast to the Rookery where Imperial Shag and albatross are often spied. There is a self catering accommodation option, so you have the freedom to explore this 30,000 acre island, just an hours’ flight from Stanley.

5. Sea Lion Island: Best for close-up wildlife encounters

One of the main attractions of the Falklands is the friendly wildlife, and by friendly I mean birds that investigate your shoelaces and penguins that waddle within touching distance. On Sea Lion Island it’s the sheer abundance of wildlife in such a small area that sets this island apart. It’s a mere five miles by one mile, and boasts nearly 50 types of bird species as well as sea lions, southern elephant seals and orca whales. A 35-minute flight from the capital, Stanley.

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