As the world’s fifth-largest country, Brazil’s territory encompasses Amazon jungle, desert sand dunes, roaring waterfalls and vibrant cities, each offering post-card perfect views. We take a look at some of those world famous shots.

1. The Amazon


The green heart of Brazil evokes a sense of adventure and awe undiminished for the modern visitor. Taking up almost half of Brazil, the Amazon has the largest collection of living plants and animal species in the world and is considered the lungs of the earth.  The Toco toucan, native to South America’s tropical forests, is the largest and most recognised species in the toucan family.

2. Beaches

BRA_Bahia_Boipeba_DN_free (14)BRA_Bahia_Boipeba_DN_free (14)

With golden sand stretching almost the full length of its coastline, Brazil is known for its exotic beaches which continue to be classified as some of the best in the world.  There are endless things to be done whether you wish to catch magnificent sunrises and sunsets, swim in jade-green oceans, spot wildlife or discover colonial towns.

3. Iguazú Falls

Iguazu Falls

Straddling the border between southern Brazil and northeast Argentina and Paraguay, Iguazú Falls is considered Latin America’s most awe-inspiring natural sight. The 276 cascades form a curtain of foaming water which crashes through the surrounding sub-tropical forest, protected by national park status.

4. Lençóis Maranheses National Park


Rippling sand dunes, pitted with jade and aquamarine fresh water lagoons form the surreal, shifting landscape of this unique national park. The inviting oases are created thanks to a unique phenomenon; the summer rains collect amidst the sand dunes to create a mesmerising scene.

5. Pantanal

The Pantanal

Right in the centre of Brazil is the world’s largest wetlands. A wildlife lover’s paradise, the vast wetlands have sparse foliage so that the exotic wildlife can easily be spotted. The most prized of sightings is the elusive jaguar which may require a lot of time, expense and hardship but once spotted, it’s well worth it all.

6. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

One of the world’s most iconic cities, Rio is a romantic and laid-back city but oozes energy and optimism.  Its sights and sounds are unique, from the beaches of Copacabana to Christ the Redeemer statue.  Looming over Rio like a watchful guardian, the statue is one of the most recognisable and evocative icons of Latin America.  But it’s really the views that steal the show: from the statue’s vantage point atop Corcovado Mountain a heavenly panorama stretches out in all directions.

7. Salvador da Bahia


Ocean-side Salvador is known for its multi-coloured Portuguese colonial architecture and African influences. Barefoot paradises and sophisticated luxury beach resorts dot the bay and, venturing out of the city, there are charming, unspoilt backwater towns and ports to be discovered where the languid riverside pace of life remains unchanged for centuries.

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