We're Ethy certified!

It’s always been our love of the people, nature and environment in Latin America that has inspired us to share it with others. We have always sought to arrange trips that have a low impact on the places we visit, whilst offering longer-term benefits locally, and we work with local partners who share this ethos. While we’re not perfect, we strive to be a responsible business that cares about our international team, our travellers and the planet, so we are continuously working to improve all we do on our sustainability journey. Feefo Sustainability Logo
All the 'Ecolabels' that JLA holds We believe in being transparent about our progress or where we can do better, and avoid making empty claims. To this end, our sustainable practices are being verified by independent experts: Ethy.  A sustainability accreditation specialist that partners with Feefo, Ethy helps customers find responsible, ethical businesses. They test sustainability claims on an evidence-based system built on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each 'ecolabel' trust-mark represents an area where Ethy has reviewed evidence that specific sustainability criteria have been met for that particular theme.
Ecolabel for Cruelty Free Experiences  

Cruelty Free Experiences

Journey Latin America has policies in place to ensure that activities involving wildlife are not exploitative, do not involve hunting or trading, and are respectful of animal welfare and the environment. Animal welfare policies must consider the Five Domains and Journey Latin America must also monitor and evaluate the impact of its activities.

Ecolabel for Community Champion  

Community Champion

Journey Latin America is involved in projects or initiatives that benefit the community and which go beyond their typical products, services and activities for direct commercial gains.

Ecolabel for Empowered Employees  

Empowered Employees

Journey Latin America takes action to empower its employees to be happier, healthier and live more sustainably.

Ecolabel for Female Led  

Female Led

Journey Latin America has an active female owner, founder, director or CEO.

Ecolabel for Powered by Renewables  

Powered by Renewables

Journey Latin America is powered using renewable energy, either through third-party suppliers and/or its own renewable technology.

Ecolabel for Net Zero Committed  

Net Zero Committed

Journey Latin America has committed to a Net Zero target in line with a 1.5°C future and taking measurable steps to reach the target.

Ecolabel for EV Charge Points  

EV Charge Points

Journey Latin America provides electric vehicle charging points to its customers and/or employees to help encourage the use of electric vehicles and ensure accessibility for electric car users within our communities.

Ecolabel for Living Wage  

Living Wage

Journey Latin America pays the Living Wage to all directly employed staff, ensuring a decent standard of living in the UK and in London. Real Living Wage is independently-calculated annually by the Resolution Foundation and overseen by the Living Wage Commission.

Ecolabel for Gives to Charity  

Gives to Charity

Journey Latin America provides either a monetary donation or other tangible support to a registered charity on an ongoing basis.