Hot-air balloon over ancient pyramids


Take an exhilarating flight in a hot-air balloon over the immense archaeological site at Teotihuacán.

The archaeological site at Teotihuacan, outside Mexico City,  is home to one of the most remarkable relics of historical civilisation in the world. It’s a massive site, impossible to explore on foot in one visit, cut through by a wide boulevard, the Avenue of the Dead, alongside which are vast edifices such as the monumental pyramids of the Sun and the Moon.  

The ruins are thought to date from around 300BC but it is not known who built the city or why it was abandoned. The Aztecs later arrived and occupied the site until their empire collapsed in the 7th century.

Glide in a hot air balloon over the huge palaces, pyramids and ball courts and see the ruins from a bird’s eye perspective. 

Mexico City