Visit a cocoa plantation in the Ecuadorian Oriente

If you have ever wondered about the story behind the chocolate you find on the shelves of your deli or supermarket, all will be revealed in this tour where you learn about the journey from a humble cocoa bean through to a chocolate bar, or even a chocolate liqueur.

Cultivated on plantations in a sub tropical environment, cocoa plays a very important role in Ecuador´s history and economy. Ecuador produces only 4% of the world production of cocoa, but 70% of fine, top of the range cocoa. It has been produced in Ecuador since the 1800s, and its cultivation is very much part of the culture, especially among communities in the Amazon and on the coast, where it not only provides an income for small rural communities but also helps in environmental conservation.

Cocoa beans are plucked and taken to collection points, fermented, dried, and turned into chocolate: on your cocoa tour all this will be explained to you and you get a chance to sample the finished product, of course...