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A slick, top quality riverside lodge in the Costa Rican rainforest, base for kayaking and rafting trips.

This delightful property is a welcoming jungle lodge which sits on a bend in the Pacuare river and is shrouded by dense rainforest brought alive by rampant birdlife. Bearing in mind its remote and wild setting, the lodge is remarkably luxurious, with locally crafted wooden furnishings, hand-hewn timber beams and wrought iron chandeliers. The main two-level building accommodates the dining area and a lounge with comfy sofas. Open-walled, polished-wood guest cabins are peppered around a lovely tropical garden. There is no air-conditioning – the open walls allow for a refreshing breeze to ventilate the cabins – but your shower is heated.

Other features include a ‘designer’ infinity swimming pool with a bar and seating area. The charming spa area offers massages. The kitchen is staffed by local people who have acquired their culinary skills through years of experience creating Costa Rican and fusion delicacies. You can eat under the stars beside the river at a private table if you wish; your chosen meal accompanied by a bottle of wine from the lodge’s international cellar.

You can arrive at the lodge by road or, preferably, by raft...riding some exhilarating rapids along the way.

Bartolome, Galápagos

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  • A truly beautiful, place, lovely rooms, charming service and excellent rafting

    GA, London

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Bartolome, Galápagos

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