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See the 2020 solar eclipse in Patagonia


Witness an extraordinary total eclipse of the sun in Pucón, Chilean Patagonia on the Pacific coast close to the western flanks of the Andes.

The warm light of a summer's afternoon will return briefly to night on 14 December, 2020, as a total solar eclipse blackens the skies above a narrow belt of land in Chile, Argentina and the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Witnessing a total eclipse is a totally dramatic and other-worldly experience. Travel with us and we will position you within this narrow band offering you the rare opportunity and privilege to experience the phenomenon close to the town of Pucón in the lake district of Chilean Patagonia, where - clear skies permitting - the totality of the phenomenon is set to be seen at its best. Even if it is cloudy, the skies will morph into a sulky gloom.

While the intensity of the occurrence depends on the weather, the lake district will be one of the few readily-accessible locations across the globe to watch the moon position itself centrally in front of the sun. On Eclipse day you’ll travel  to observe the spectacle at one of the best locations.

Chilean Lake District (north)