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Managing Director Sarah Bradley joined as tour leader in 1987. Her vast travel experience and understanding of Latin America is invaluable. Book with Journey Latin America.

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Colca Canyon

Sarah is eminently qualified for her role as the company’s Managing Director: not only does she know Latin America like the back of her hand, but she has also worked for us across a number of departments and even spent several years as a Journey Latin America tour leader. Like many of our staff, Sarah opted for Latin American Studies at university, and followed up theory with practice by travelling widely at a time when Latin America was far from the tourist trail. Back then the destination had a frontier feel, with a reputation as a volatile land where travel was difficult and politically fraught. Sarah thrived on the adventure. However, she has seen many positive changes since those days: as infrastructure has strengthened, governments stabilised and perceptions changed, Latin America has become far more accessible and this captivating part of the world has been enjoyed by ever more visitors. 
Having spent many years in Latin America, Sarah has amassed more travel memories than most, but for her those that really stand out tie into her love of immense and remote landscapes. Camping in Peru’s Colca Canyon was one such experience, where the sense of space and complete removal from everyday life was breathtaking. Others include an arduous journey through Manú, an area of pristine jungle in Peru’s Amazon basin, and taking her son to the Copper Canyon in Mexico, where they trekked between isolated communities.


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