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Max’s adventurous spirit led him to Latin America fresh out of University where he chose to learn Spanish and travel. Fortunately during his travels around the world, one job led to another, and he landed the perfect excuse to return. Max is a born traveller; he thrives off the flux, lack of uniformity and spending most of his time in the great outdoors. Max is full of enthusiasm and anecdotes about this fascinating continent, where he feels most at home.

Although impossible for him to highlight one favourite spot, a place he always looks forward to visiting is Buenos Aires, where a tasty steak and a fun night out with friends is guaranteed. Following Max’s principles, you’re sure to catch some local character and gain a feel for everyday life – a treat you wouldn’t find in a guide book.

Max was the best tour leader we have ever had. His knowledge of South America was second to none. He devoted all his time to our tour, always giving us his best. We were privileged to have him. I note that you are glad, from our feedback, to understand that Max Wood met your expectations as a tour leader, but I would have to say that Max surpassed ours. Whilst we have not previously travelled with an area-specific company such as JLA, to us Max was quite exceptional in combining leading, guiding, knowledge, enthusiasm for the tour's countries, meeting individual needs and requests, language translating, and little extras of helpfulness, like with currency rates and finding appropriate bureaux-de-change : Quite amazing. If he demonstrates JLA's normal standard of tour leader, it certainly further strengthens the likelihood of my recommending JLA to friends thinking of a Latin American touring holiday.

CG, Stevenage
Nov 2014


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