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Lina's passion for the continent where she was born really took off when she moved to Córdoba (Argentina) to study, spending the holidays travelling between Argentina and her native Colombia.

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Originally from the tranquil coffee-producing region of Colombia, Lina sought out the chance to travel at a young age by moving to Córdoba in northern Argentina to study arts and photography. Even a successful career as a fashion designer could not tie her down, and she was soon off again – travelling around almost every country in South America.

After this and many more forays around the world, Argentina is still one of her favourite countries which she first fell in love with as a student. New travel adventures combined with her passion for markets, people, food and photography have added Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize and Nicaragua among her favourite destinations.

There are not many places in Latin America where she has not been and she can talk endlessly about her highlights; some moments have been truly unforgettable like cruising in Galapagos and Antarctica or canoeing on remote locations like the Amazon or Angel Falls in Venezuela. One of the longest serving Travel Experts in our Tailor-made Holidays and Group Tours sales team, Lina particularly enjoys designing holidays to off-the-beaten track destinations.

It was a pleasure to deal with Lina from the very start, she understood that we had a last minute opportunity to visit Mexico and that we were quite specific…

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South Georgia: A place like no other, where nature & wildlife take precedence and we (the lucky ones who have managed to reach this remote island) become spectators to this amazing paradise … the sight and sound of half a million penguins is impossible to describe even after experiencing it myself. Probably the single most incredible thing I’ve had the good fortune to witness.


Vira Vira – Pucon, Chile: The combination of a beautiful setting close to Villarica volcano, stunning rooms overlooking the Liacura River, friendly staff and the delicious and well presented dishes using organic ingredients from their local farm accompanied by good wines makes this lodge my number one choice to slow down for few days after a busy trip in Chile.


Trek to the base of the towers (Torres del Paine): I don’t consider myself a person who enjoys extreme sports but having achieved a personal challenge to reach the base of the magnificent towers in Torres del Paine makes me feel very proud of myself. A 7 hour trek, covering 22 km surrounded by stunning views all the way to the top and back down. It’s a trip that you cannot forget.

Top Travel Tip

When visiting Buenos Aires don’t forget to join a food tour – The feast starts at midday with a choripan (chorizo sandwich) followed by empanadas (pastries) before heading to an authentic parrilla to try the famous asado (Argentinean bbq) with some good red wine. Once you think that you cannot eat more there is always space for helado (ice cream) to refresh the palate before heading back to your hotel for a proper siesta. This is my type of heaven.


Top Packing Tip

When packing your bags for a trip to Antarctica you only have to consider how many layers of clothing do you need to wear to keep warm, that is what I did. Although, it is important not to forget your swimming suit, your cruise may have a lovely hot tub or you may venture to swim in the cold waters of Antarctica. If you are as crazy as me that is, don’t forget to wear some neoprene shoes to keep your toes warm, they hurt a lot once they have been exposed to extreme cold temperatures.

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