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Jim first caught the Latin American travel bug in 2001 when he decided at the last minute to join a friend travelling around Central America – he hasn't looked back since.

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Jim first caught the Latin American travel bug in 2001 while at University, when he decided at the last minute to join a friend travelling around Central America – he hasn’t looked back since.
After graduating and working in the city, in 2005, Jim quit his job to travel all over South America. He was able to discover the inside track on Latin America by being open to its spontaneous and friendly culture; he looks back on extended stays with locals which all started with a chat in a bar or restaurant as being amongst the most memorable aspects of his travels. Jim gave Journey Latin America a call on his return, and in the intervening years has quickly progressed through the Group Tours team to become the departmental manager.
Jim has a soft spot for Central America, with its contrasts and vibrancy, and cosmopolitan Argentina. As a Classics graduate, his keen interest in history continuously draws him back to the ancient cultures of the Incas, Aztecs and Mayas and to awe-inspiring archaeological sites such as Tikal. 

What Is Your Favourite...


That question is simply too hard! It may sound like a cliché, but Latin America really does tick all the boxes for me – take the culture, the history, the people and the vibe and add magnificent mountain ranges, pristine beaches, steamy jungles and fantastic ruins. I could go on… I truly love all things about it. Except maybe reggaeton!


My stay at Tierra Patagonia will always be up there. I visited at the end April and although not ‘peak season’ it made it all the more magical. During the day we explored Torres del Paine with virtually only pumas for company and in the evenings watched the sun set over the massif from the huge picture windows or sat outside in the hot tub as snow fell lightly on us.


As a history buff I love wondering the streets of beautiful colonial towns such as Havana, Cartagena or Oaxaca with a local guide who can bring the city to life. Then do it all again on your own stopping at the restaurants and bars they have recommended to soak up the atmosphere.

Top Travel Tip

If at first you don’t succeed… when in the Pantanal or the rainforest you may well have days where you see very little wildlife, but keep looking and enjoying the surroundings and eventually it will be worth the wait when that macaw soars overhead or capybara comes waddling past!


Top Packing Tip

Don’t pack too much! If you’re away for a longer trip take enough to last a week or so and then take advantage of the hotel laundry service or a local lavanderia. You’ll not only have to less to carry but you’ll love those freshly cleaned and iron clothes after some time on the road!

Torres del Paine

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