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Honeymoon Guides

Our Guide To Honeymoons:
Honeymoon Guides

The perfect honeymoon is a very personal thing. It is a one-off trip to a special destination, a genuine and unique (one hopes) trip of a lifetime.

For some, this means much-needed relaxation and pampering coupled with some select sight-seeing; for others, it might mean finally grabbing the opportunity to embark on a more adventurous trip you’ve both long dreamed of taking together. No matter how you envisage your honeymoon in Latin America, we can help.

Latin America is fast gaining a reputation as the perfect honeymoon destination. For sheer diversity – both geographic and cultural – there is probably no other place on earth that compares. So to get you started, let us guide you through the almost endless possibilities.

If you're looking for somewhere to unwind

A vineyard holiday in Argentina or a stay at a comfortable estancia is a great way to soak up the rich culture of Argentina's rugged interior and treat yourselves at the same time.

If you prefer your relaxation a little sandier, try Latin America’s Caribbean coast. The perfect azure sea and white-sand beaches of the Mayan Riviera, for example, are easily combined with visits to ancient ruins and towns home to a vibrant local culture.

Alternatively, in Brazil you have thousands of kilometres of palm-fringed beaches to choose from – many of the best are near to the beautiful and dynamic cities of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Brazil is so full of highlights you can choose an action packed itinerary such as our Active Brazil or opt for a more relaxed break concentrating on just one area such as northeast Brazil, where the best and most exotic beachers are to be found. Cuba offers yet another slice of paradise.

If you love to be amongst nature

For wildlife lovers, there can be few places in the world to top the Galápagos Islands and its prolific animal population, which is anything but shy. Combine a cruise with the top sights in Peru for a honeymoon of staggering contrasts.

For a jungle experience, choose from the vast Amazon basin in South America, or the rainforests of Central America. Costa Rica is a popular choice, and justly so, with its lush rainforests spilling down onto beaches frequented by nesting turtles. Our Costa Rica & Nicaragua honeymoon holiday captures the best, with even more variety than you might imagine.

Stunning Iguazú Falls, commonly cited as the world’s most impressive waterfall, makes a perfect stop on a honeymoon in Brazil, Argentina or now even Peru, thanks to a new direct flight route. We have put together a holiday which unites the two sides of the continent in Brazil and Peru.

Go on a romantic safari to the Brazilian Pantanal, one of the continent's real natural highlights, a wilderness wetlands reflecting tangerine sunsets, and bursting with wildlife.

The Andes cordillera, stretching the full length of South America from Colombia to Patagonia, offers superb trekking and other outdoor activities. You’ll also find spectacular natural scenery in Chile’s Atacama Desert, and if the weather is an important factor you’re in luck here too as it is the driest place on earth!

If you want culture and history

Get to know the thriving indigenous cultures of Latin America through their markets, costumes and music. Traditional ways of life run particularly deep in Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia and Mexico. These countries are also home to ruins which stand testament to the great empires of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca peoples – Machu Picchu and Chichén Itzá are just two examples. It is sometimes easy to combine countries in one amazing honeymoon: for example, Peru and the Galápagos Islands.

Cuba is home to a very different but equally fascinating culture, and a unique history that is mirrored in the rich outpourings of its music and dance – so why not salsa amongst the cobbles of colonial Trinidad, explore the fairyland scenery of Viñales, or soak up the nostalgic charm of Havana.

If great food is a top priority

Of course, we can recommend hotels in every region that offer exquisite dining, but if being able to choose from an exceptional range of restaurants each night is an important part of the appeal, you will love Argentina (if you’re not vegetarian, that is). As well as great, inexpensive wine and perhaps the world’s best steak, you’ll visit the thrilling city of Buenos Aires where you can enjoy the fabulous gastronomy at an exotic tango show.

Our honeymoon in Argentina shows you it isn't just about food and wine though: the landscapes are staggeringly beautiful, from Iguazú Falls to the glaciers of Patagonia. Remote and pristine the scenery may be but there are plenty of romantic, high quality places to stay which welcome honeymooners.

Peru is another food-lover’s dream, with a remarkably varied cuisine that has earned the admiration of connoisseurs the world over. Mexico, too, famously offers many exceptional culinary pleasures. Meanwhile almost anywhere on Latin America’s coastline, but particularly in Chile and the Caribbean, fans of seafood will be spoiled for choice. Take a look at the honeymoon holiday we have devised for you in this vast and fascinating country, well endowed with unique and romantic places to stay.

If you want something unusual and different

How about Guatemala and Belize, which offer an astonishing variety of attractions within a small area? You can easily visit the monumental ruins of Tikal, the Caribbean idyll of Belize’s Bay Islands, colourful indigenous markets and serene, spiritual lakes all in one amazing trip.

Nicaragua is not on most honeymooners’ radar, but its unspoilt charms include Caribbean islands, beautiful cities and spectacular volcanoes, and there are now some excellent accommodation options. Our honeymoon holiday catches the best.

Similarly Colombia is an exceptionally beautiful destination with all the attractions of other South American countries but none of the crowds.

Bolivia meanwhile may not have the luxury factor but this authentic, culturally rich country has been blessed with some incredible scenery, including the surreal, hauntingly beautiful Uyuni salt flats.

If you want it all

...Well, this is your honeymoon, after all! Perhaps you have a little more time to play with, or you want to combine together a number of different regions. As with all our tailor-made holidays, your trip will be completely unique to the two of you, so browse through our Inspiration page, then get in touch to find out how we can make your dream honeymoon a reality.

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